Friday, February 19, 2021

Magic formula behind BJP's popularity despite price rise, hike in cost of Petrol, LPG, unemployment or issues on the border

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

Time and again, people wonder and discuss that why price rise, fuel hike, unemployment, mishandling of major issues, just nothing seems to work for the opposition and other parties.

There was an era, when even a slight increase in LPG price would anger the entire middle-class and this was felt by the ruling party when UPA was at the helm. Ruling parties had to give 'explanation' for everything, back then. 

However, it's no longer the case. The reason is not difficult to find. There is a strong feeling among a large section that its 'our govt', even if it fails or takes steps that hurt, this is 'our own' & ultimately it will take care of 'our interests'.

Other parties still worry how to tackle it. But by following same strategy--by appeasing Hindu populace or going for 'soft Hindutva', you can't beat your opponents in this game, as they have perfected it. 

The moneyed, vocal citizens, middle class, aspiring upwardly mobile people who own resources and have ability to push narrative, are part of this section. The BJP must get credit that they worked very hard to indoctrinate, pushed their narrative for years.

This was going when opposition parties were careless, thinking that 'propaganda', 'wild conspiracy theories' won't work. It's a fact that the BJP succeeded in defaming Congress' leaders so much that even if they speak, they are not taken seriously. 

TV and newspapers that earlier used to give strength to the opposition's voice and served as vent for public anger, are no longer in attacking mode. And anyone who questions is now seen as 'anti-national'. That's the eco-system. 

But that's not the end of the road. Opposition has to do things, differently, smartly. And needs to speak up, ensure that it's message reaches people. There is price rise, there are definitely issues. So what, next! 

At least, now, do the hard work. Either on petrol price or sensitive things like border issues, the strength on the street is still not visible. The aggression, the voice, the consistency. Energize the cadre, catch sentiment, channel it, fighting spirit is needed to survive in politics.

BJP definitely has a strong organisation, pool of dedicated workers is big, they worked for years & years even when there was little hope for them. I know some of them haven't even got benefits after party being  power, remain 'karyakarta', but listen & keep doing 'their work'.

Agreed, the religious, ideological nature has a greater pull. But for a party like Congress that has its roots in freedom struggle, it's leaders asking journalists-writers to 'give points to them to tackle the narrative', I mean, what are you doing, even now, nothing!

Photo--Amul's official account, Twitter. LINK