Thursday, March 11, 2021

Historical maps of India: Political map of British India, pre-partition India that included Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma in Urdu, English

This is an old map, more than a century old.

The map shows boundaries that existed much before partition of the Indian sub-continent.
It shows British India that included not just India, Pakistan but also Burma.
Urdu has been added in the map for the benefit of readers, students who need it.
Many such maps are needed in Urdu but are not available. Hence, this is our aim to add Urdu in important maps. It is purely for education purpose. 
A lot has changed in 110 years. Many cities shown in the map, shrank and hence they are not considered big cities now, but are shown in this map.
Similarly, regions and divisions that existed earlier but later they became part of other states and hence their separate identity no longer exists. You find regions like Berar, Mysore and Hyderabad. Now Mysore and Hyderabad are not states but mere cities, as states were renamed and reorganised after independence.
The map is large but couldn't be uploaded on that scale here. However, you can still click and then use F11 for a slightly bigger map. Original size would be posted later on. Once again, it must be known that it is for education purpose, no commercial use. 

The figure is not to scale and does not claim to represent any authentic boundaries, just for illustrative purpose. See the second map that is in higher resolution. Yet another map of pre-independent India is available at this link. CLICK. [We are going to post many such maps in future for the benefit of Urdu speaking masses and students].