Sunday, March 28, 2021

How newspapers publish baseless reports, defame localities, communities: Questions on Dainik Bhaskar newspaper's credibility over mischievous report


Just imagine how such a defamatory report can find its way into a paper, along with such headline. 

A huge locality with a population of tens of thousands, demonized, targeted and on what basis?

No wonder, on social media the paper was questioned about it. 'What data do you have to blame an entire locality, present it as place where knives taken out?". 

When, Where, Which case! It is really shameful, as this is not a one-time mistake. Such biased reports are published on a regular basis. 

In fact, the manner in which 'old city' seen as 'Muslim quarter' of the capital, is constantly defamed, is shocking. There are rapes and murders or all sorts of crimes in any locality, once in a while. If there was even once an incident in any locality in a year, you can never project it as den of 'goons'.

When papers publish a mischievous report, that too on front page, lot of readers take it seriously. Even people in own city, naturally, feel that if paper has written, then it must be true. So cunningly, they create this hatred towards localities, people and cause friction among communities. 

It reflects the sad state of affairs when a newspaper divides, spreads propaganda. Even apology doesn't matter. Dividing people or pushing own biases, cleverly through newspapers, is not journalism. You have a huge circulation and this makes you more responsible but you act irresponsibly.

It is about how deep is the hatred among several so-called 'journalists' who try to find a way to spread hatred, even at the cost of lies, falsehoods, dividing regions, cities. The most notorious rags in the history of Indian publications, haven't gone to the extent of publishing such reports.

Even when carrying a story, you've to have a certain data, something to support it. They just have certain ideas, beliefs--imagine, write. The audacity--they can claim anything, write, publish it on front page, as lead. Unfortunately, this is something that has become a norm, as there is no self-correction mechanism in Indian media.