Monday, May 24, 2021

Saving India: Political parties must confront, take stand against hate crime, vigilantism, lynching incidents before seeking Muslim votes

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

The case of a youth in Jabalpur who was stripped, humiliated, beaten and later FIR registered against him, once again shows the  deterioration of institutions.

Also, yesterday's incident in Moradabad that witnessed brutal attack on a Muslim youth for carrying meat, is another example of such vigilantism. 

The point is that whenever such incidents occur--people in groups taking law in their hands, target 1-2 persons, thrash them brutally, the officials avoid taking action against the culprits, the vigilantes who commit such atrocities.

No one has right to attack, abuse, torture & humiliate any citizen. Unfortunately, after these incidents, the members of the right-wing groups go to police and even get FIR registered against victim. Cops too duly register the case, in fact, it seems that they just obey. 

Role of Opposition, 'secular' parties: Failure to take action against such groups

There is no system to counter-balance, stop or even deal with it. Opposition--Congress or SP, BSP, RJD, other parties & their wings don't take on these Dals.Not even opposition on paper. Result is that no justice, as vigilantes get so strong that the acts are not challenged. 

It was in mid-1980s that Bajrang Dal  emerged in a big way in India. Across India, boards of 'Hindu Rashtra' with Bajrang Dal 'prabhag, khand' of area', came up in N. India. In those days, mostly Congress governments. But they ignored, no action or FIR, allowed to grow. 

The result was that it became normal--any group of 5-10 persons with a 'gamchha' could do any thing. Their acts have damaged Indian democracy, state. For Muslims, the issue is that when it happens, no party or group to even reach police station, to tackle pressure or oppose. 

It's not that action is not possible. But when all parties ignore, no delegation goes to meet top officials or 'question' over one-sided action, no one needs to act. Even statement is important because when you speak, oppose, then newspapers can write on its basis, follow up. 

 A 'system' has been devised that let there by any case of such attack, atrocity or public humiliation, victim will be further de-humanised and would be targeted, slapped with FIR. This to send message that let there be law on paper, see the reality--Second class citizen.

What's the solution, how to save democracy, ensure law-and-order

There is no solution to this issue unless there are citizens who want Indian democracy and law-and-order to survive, who decide at state level or city level to have certain forums for 'citizen rights', formal or informal. 

They have to raise voice, do their bit, some legwork, some efforts, monitoring and meeting leaders-officers, doing the most basic things that aren't tough. Secondly, those who seek your vote should speak, intervene. Else get your own party!

Living with respect & dignity is the biggest issue. Leave 'votes will be divided', this & that fear. Support a party, big or small, that is ready to take delegation to police, senior officials step by step, from CO-DSP to SP, IG to DGP, Home department, Ministers, take stand. 

Why Congress in Madhya Pradesh doesn't take stand on such atrocities, if not fight, at least raise voice and meet officials. Can Digvijaya Singh tell us why B Dal's such acts, are not countered or condemned by YC, NSUI, Sewa Dal or any other wing. Other parties too in MP, UP must speak. 

Why it is important to speak, give representations, act

What moves the 'system'. Sometimes fair officials too need representations, noise to tell bosses that action must be taken. They can't act on their own because of factors, regime 'soft' on groups. So there is need for parties, their wings to speak, act, meet. Silence is criminal.

It has reached here in 30 years. It won't go easily. It needs society to take strong stand to stop this culture of de-humanizing people. Parties deliberately allowed them to gain strength. If your cadre doesn't oppose RW vigilantism, then there is something terribly wrong.

Any party that wants your vote, must have to stand. Ask them the question, will they stand with you if you are attacked? If they can't, they must go and leave. We know we are on our known, so we will get beaten more, but learn, organise, stand and tackle.

 After incidents, locally stories floated to divert, dilute. Just like in case of lynching cases, this'd started-- 'X was moving in suspicious manner' or 'locals felt he was...' to 'justify' (sic) attack. You'll decide and act? What systems, police, judiciary are for? 

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