Monday, November 21, 2022

Tipu Sultan: Great king who fought, defeated British and thus right-wing groups oppose him

By Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

Tipu Sultan, Sher-e-Mysore is among India's greatest kings and the only ruler apart from his father Hyder Ali, who defeated the British owned East India Company.

Those who had no hero in 18th, 19th century & their ancestors or groups didn't fight British, played no part in movements during freedom struggle but allied with British, will have problem with Sher-e-Mysore.

If only he'd got real support from Nizam & Marathas or other native states, EIC won't have been able to take over India. 

Unfortunately, even in North India and Rajasthan [Rajputana], no state went against the British.

East India Company exploited, looted, destroyed economy, causing famines & millions of Indians died. For 200 yrs Indians subjugated, mistreated on own land. Tipu Sultan alone fought & defeated British, then got martyred in battlefield.

Sultan e Shaheed, Fateh Ali Tipu Sultan still gives nightmares to people two centuries after his death. There is no bigger hero in the subcontinent in the last 300 years. Hence, he is remembered, loved and his role in independence struggle of India, is unparalleled.

For the right-wing, there is no such personality. The kings and other rulers compromised, succumbed or allied with the British, let alone fight. Hence, unable to digest the heroics and greatness of Tipu and his bravery, the right wingers try to target him, raise non issues, make false claims, allegations and oppose him in frustration. But this history can't be changed. Tipu's greatness can't be challenged.