Thursday, December 08, 2022

Stop calling parties 'Vote cutters': More political parties are better for democracy and also for India, Indian Muslims

By Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

It's time to stop calling parties 'vote cutters'. In Central India, Gondwana party, GMS & JAYS don't have MLAs but have workers.

After custodial death or atrocity, come to street, hold demo, give memo, put pressure, ensure action. Better than having dumb MLAs. Parties needed, even if they don't win elections, they must be around as voice of different and diverse sections of people.  

There are two separate things. First is winning, getting equal share in power. That's just a dream, no major party ready to speak for you or give representation. Hence, at least, have the power to fight for rights, basic dignity and own voice. 

The old narrative that just defeat a party or stand behind another is not smart enough, you need many parties, not the ones that remain mum and teach nothing to Muslim cadre, not even letting them issue statements.

Read the points to understand:

1. "We're powerful enough to let our people commit atrocities, get them freed & felicitate them, managing every tool in the system". If someone even thinks in this way, what'd you feel? Bad. But it has not just been thought about.

2. That was the message, which was sent through actions, statements, dog whistles, media, social media. Don't many people want this power! So they do vote in accordance . 'Even our (sic) criminals' must be supported?

3. Call it heinous or horrific but they are honest about it. They 'promised' this, reminded about past and teaching lesson.

4. They said we will continue to dominate and crush rest at will. People aren't concerned about morality, but want feel of power as a community. Gives a high.

5. People of Gujarat have again voted for BJP, overwhelmingly. Nothing wrong, they want status quo & not enthused by Opposition parties' promises.

6. If majority feels that Muslims are so many & a party, might of state, needed to give them support, comfort, security, its okay. Their choice.

7. The important point to learn is that calling any party 'B team' or Team C is not at all advisable. In democracy, party fights and represents a section, its voice, has cadre on street.

8. In central India, JAYS and Gondwana parties don't have MLAs but have workers who at least hold demo, give memo and ensure compensation to victim by pursuing case of custodial death or atrocity on person of their community.

9. It raises your voice, news also gets published, officers are made to take cognizance and act. So power balance remains. It's not about just winning and losing but fighting and having cadre.

10. 'Vote cutter' or 'vote katwa' terms must not be used. More the number of parties, better for democracy. 

Photo courtesy: Abdul Rabbani, Pexels