Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Sects among Indian Muslims: Sectarian hate, urge to correct others and Sunni-Shia or Barelvi-Deobandi divide


Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

1. The feeling that 'I am right' and 'I will correct others' is so deeply engrained that people don't realise when they cross the line. Actually, it's gross, unfair and impolite.

2. As a Muslim, I can do social welfare, but I have no role absolutely in what a rich or poor, Hindu or Parsi, believes or does or trying to have a say as far as their faith is concerned. 3. Arrogance of piety is a syndrome. Similarly, as a Sunni, I will practice things in my way, not to intervene in Shia or others' style. Our paths intersect, we interact and meet and have social relations. 4. But I have no business to 'teach' and 'lecture' or 'scold' others, either a Bohra or a Ismaili or an Ahl e Hadith. Then, there are sub sects too, difference between schools of jurisprudence and streams of thought from diverse institutions. 4. If you have a missionary zeal and you are on a mission to convert other sects into your own sect, then it's understandable to some extent. 5. But this self righteousness is also a prejudice and subtle bigotry as you feel self as 'superior' and others as 'corrupted', holding oneself as 'refined'.

6. One must not have the wish to 'Govern' others. It is basically 'inferiority' complex, the wish to get validity by hoping that other also becomes your 'carbon copy'

7. We are all majority and minority at different places. Numerical strength doesn't give any group the right to force others to behave in a particular way.

8. In any situation, personally, I would try to make it a level playing field for the MINORITY because I too live like a minority and I know what it feels. So I must try to be large hearted with minorities within own community.


9. If you are educated or refined, then in any civilized society, you must stop intruding in others' faith or trying to impose your expectations on them. 10. At the most, if you have a burning desire, you can tell your closest friend or start a movement, but should know the risks too. Better follow own path, respect diversity and not meddle in others' affairs.