Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vande Mataram and Muslims: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee's controversial novel Anand Math and opposition to the song


Every now and then this foolish controversy erupts in this country and Muslims are forced to sing this song. The courts have said that no one can be forced to sing Vande Mataram but the self-styled protagonists of nationalims try to force it.

Unfortunately the song that was described as a blot on Indian national movement is thrust upon the country. The aim is nothing but to irritate the Muslims, who unfortunately have to wear their patriotism on the sleeve all the time.

To set the record straight, Vande Matram is a song that was part of the highly controversial novel Anand Math written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. It is full of hate against Muslims.

But those who support the song have either never gone through this vitriolic novel or try to draw wedge in the country. Muslims gave to India 'Sare Jahan Se Achchha...' and Inquilab Zindabad. The first song was written by Allama Iqbal and the second slogan was given by Maulana Hasrat Mohani. 

Jana Gana Man is for everyone to sing. But the manner in which Vande Mataram that has nothing to do with patriotism is imposed by BJP governments [the Babulal Gaur government in Madhya Pradesh is doing it now] is ridiculous.

The novel supports British. It is the story of a secret society in Bengal that aims at 'demolishing all domes and mosques' with the help of British. Such xenophobia is appalling. Still, the men who matter hardly oppose the song as vehemently as it should be done.

It is sad that in secular India Mataram is not only defended but imposed on everybody. The worst part of the forcible Vande Mataram singing is that it has nothing to do with the real issues but has following nefarious aims:

1. Make Muslims appear as less nationalist
2. Create problems for them because they can't sing it [the song is written in praise of Goddess Kali]
3. Seasonal expression of venom against Muslims and effort to make them feel uncomfortable

Every Indian Muslim is millions of time more nationalist than the Singhals, Togadias, Advanis and their ilk. Each and every war has seen Muslims give their blood. But the shameless manner in which their loyalties are tested by forcing a song like Vande Matram needs to be exposed.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The first post on this blog: Many more to follow on Indian Muslim Blog

This blog stands for humanism.

Firstly, Indian Muslims are not monolithic.

And all of them don't speak in the same voice.

Just like rest of Indians, we also have our preferences, likes and dislikes, social and political interests.

Stereotyping is a major problem and many believe that all Muslims think alike and act alike.

Of course, nothing can be far from truth.

If you read this blog, you will realise what an Indian Muslim thinks on a host of issues.

I can't reflect on every damn issue but you can still find out a lot of views on diverse issues. Hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

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