Sunday, December 18, 2005

Do Jews ever recall the historic role of Muslims in saving, protecting them?

Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reportedly said that Israel should be wiped off from the world apart from saying that Holocaust was doubtful and Israel ought to be shifted to Europe.

Not very simple comments indeed but the figure of deaths attributed to Holocaust has been disputed for long.

Head of states are not supposed to issue such statements, more so when it concerns Israel. It is not politically correct!

The West (Europe) perpetrated Holocaust and six decades later the mention of the word unsettles them to no end. What a moral guilt! They created Isreal, the rogue state in Palestinian land. And Muslims who for centuries gave refuge to Jews fleeing the excess of Christian west have been paying the price. 

But see the shock on the faces of many self-styled intellectuals in countries who have nothing to do with either Israel/Holocaust or Iran. The collective guilt of Europe has brought tremendous suffering for Palestinians.

At least, Ahmadinejad has the courage to call a spade a spade. After all, Jews of the present generation must know that it was the Muslim community that had safeguarded their interests and rights for centuries when there was hatred for them in the Christian world that perpetrated atrocities on the followers of Judaism. In those days Jews were burnt and codemned across the Europe.

Examples of intolerance towards Jews in Christian world:

1. In Spain, every child born of marriage between Christian and Jew was to be baptised. Later at the height of inquisition all Jews were given the option to convert or leave Spain. Thousands were burnt alive and many lived as crypto-Jews.

2. When epidemics like plague spread, the Jews were always blamed and charged with the spread of diseases. Like in 14 th century when thousands of Jews were held responsible for Black Death and killed.

3. In 1215 Jews were ordered to wear distinct dress from Christians so that they could be identified. At many places they were made to wear yellow badges or specified dress.

4. Almost 13,000 Jews were burnt in Spain alone during inquisition for not converting to Christianity in 15th-16th centuries.

5. Popes through out history condemned Jews. Pope Julius III publicly condemned their holy book Talmud.

6. For two millennium (2,000 years) Jews were persecuted in one form or the other in Europe. Always harassed and thrown into ghettoes.

But forgetting all this the Jews after getting the state turned against the new enemy--Muslims, who had always welcomed the Jews who fled the European persecution.

I wonder if Jews ever think about it or they are really too selfish and driven by avarice to have forget the humiliation of centuries!

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[Photo courtesy: Historical Pics. Its Twitter LINK]