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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Do Jews ever recall the historic role of Muslims in saving, protecting them?

Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly said that Israel should be wiped off from the world apart from saying that Holocaust was doubtful and Israel ought to be shifted to Europe.

Not very simple comments indeed but the figure of deaths attributed to Holocaust has been disputed for long.

Head of states are not supposed to issue such statements, more so when it concerns Israel. It is not politically correct!

The West (Europe) perpetrated Holocaust and six decades later the mention of the word unsettles them to no end. What a moral guilt! They created Isreal, the rogue state in Palestinian land. And Muslims who for centuries gave refuge to Jews fleeing the excess of Christian west have been paying the price. 

But see the shock on the faces of many self-styled intellectuals in countries who have nothing to do with either Israel/Holocaust or Iran. The collective guilt of Europe has brought tremendous suffering for Palestinians.

At least, Ahmadinejad has the courage to call a spade a spade. After all, Jews of the present generation must know that it was the Muslim community that had safeguarded their interests and rights for centuries when there was hatred for them in the Christian world that perpetrated atrocities on the followers of Judaism. In those days Jews were burnt and codemned across the Europe.

Examples of intolerance towards Jews in Christian world:

1. In Spain, every child born of marriage between Christian and Jew was to be baptised. Later at the height of inquisition all Jews were given the option to convert or leave Spain. Thousands were burnt alive and many lived as crypto-Jews.

2. When epidemics like plague spread, the Jews were always blamed and charged with the spread of diseases. Like in 14 th century when thousands of Jews were held responsible for Black Death and killed.

3. In 1215 Jews were ordered to wear distinct dress from Christians so that they could be identified. At many places they were made to wear yellow badges or specified dress.

4. Almost 13,000 Jews were burnt in Spain alone during inquisition for not converting to Christianity in 15th-16th centuries.

5. Popes through out history condemned Jews. Pope Julius III publicly condemned their holy book Talmud.

6. For two millennium (2,000 years) Jews were persecuted in one form or the other in Europe. Always harassed and thrown into ghettoes.

But forgetting all this the Jews after getting the state turned against the new enemy--Muslims, who had always welcomed the Jews who fled the European persecution.

I wonder if Jews ever think about it or they are really too selfish and driven by avarice to have forget the humiliation of centuries!

Also read the post on this blog. Jews suffered holocaust, now Israel inflicts the same on Palestinians.

[Photo courtesy: Historical Pics. Its Twitter LINK]


Qais said...

This is a valid question. Good to know about the instances when Jews were persecuted by Christians...

But I think that the Zionists are getting avenged when they are using the US (Christian dominated) against the Muslims where all the muslim backlash will be directed towards Christians.

Anonymous said...

What do you really mean by "It is not politically correct!"?
Is it correct otherwise to say this - and just not correct for a political leader?

Anonymous said...

well written

Sourav said...

I read somewhere a while back that the reason most American unconditionally support Israel is because most people in America genuinely believe that Jesus Christ will be resurrected, and that this will happen in Israel.

The Israel issue is a bit of a mess. But from a practical viewpoint, it would make sense to simply divide the land. Whereas Israel was created out of a kind of utopian vision and that whole idea is now fading away, it is a reality nevertheless. Just as India has accepted Pakistan as a reality (despite the RSS's call for an Akhand Bharat), it is in everyone's interest to recognize Israel.

Anonymous said...

it's sad that middle east doesn't recognize that israel belongs to the jews. they were there 1st and without judaism , christinity and islam would not exist. shame on you to condemn this most authentic religion. shame on you to keep persecuting and putting yourself above these more righteous but humble people.

Anonymous said...

Firstly I think you need to make the distinction between Ashkenazi (European) Jewry and Sephardic or Mizrachi Jewry. The latter lived for many years in Muslim-majority lands, often in much better circumstances than their Ashkenazi cousins in Christian Europe. A large part of Mizrachi cultural identity has been influenced by the Islamic societies in which they lived. It also needs to be remembered that Zionism was essentially an invention of Ashkenazi Jews as a response to rising nationalism in Europe.

That's not to say life for Jews in Muslim lands was always free of persecution. Jews were considered second class citizens in many societies and with the conquest of parts of North Africa by the Nazis, many Muslims turned on their Jewish neighbours.

As a mixed Ashkenazi/Mizrachi Jew myself, I am fully aware that my Mizrachi ancestors were significantly better off under Muslim rule than my Ashkenazi ancestors. But the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is essentially a conflict of competing national narratives. It is a fight over land and sovereignty, rather than a conflict over religion. Seeing the conflict as a fight between Jews and Muslims is wrong. It is a conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Anonymous said...






Abdul Wahid Azad said...

really this is a good blog, but we cannot accept those articles which are simply written in favour of its own community.

Azad Hindustani said...

achha hai

Imran Mulla said...

Though its quite obvious that christans have persecuted the Jwes in the past more than what muslims did to Jews, it is interesting to note that Jews trust the christans more than muslims in the world.I dont understand the reason for behaviour.The Holy Quarn has also said that Jews will never mend their path to staright and they are cursed in this world and hearafter also. Though in the process they are causing much of suffering to muslims in . one day things will change for better. Inshallah.

MEB said...

I don't understand why the distinction between Ashkenazi and Mizrachi Jews is important in this discussion. Most Jews from both cultural spheres reacted positively to the idea of returning to Zion.
It is also well known that the Muslim world was for the most part less dangerous for jews than the Christian world. But that has nothing to do with the current conflict in the Middle East. Jews in Israel and elsewhere have no problem with the Islamic religion as such. The problem is that Arab countries and the Palesitnians (including Christians) are trying to destroy Israel as an independent country and Israel is trying to continue to survive as the only homeland of the Jewish nation.

MEB said...

With all due respect to the usually tolerant attitude of Islam toward Jews, please note the history of Meshed in Iran in the 19th century, where Jews were forcibly converted to Islam and had to practice their religion in secret for several generations.

gene said...

To criticise Europe's excesses of the past is no excuse for the contemporary antisemitism in so much of the muslim world.

Muslims should aim for higher moral standards than "generally better than the worst excesses of our rivals".

I worry that the only reason there is no current extermination programme of the jews is because of the lack of military power and intellectual development in muslim states.

Aamir43 said...

You are right .In Bolywod movies acted by mainly Muslim Stars Yehudi And Yehudi ke Beti were favourable presnted as they being victim of Romans and Hitler .

Ibrahim said...

Is this a joke? Muslims have hated and always conspired to kill the Jews. Perhaps you should need to read more Islamic history.

indscribe said...


I think you have only read the history of the last 60 years. Go a few centuries behind.Or may be you want to interpret it just the way you want. Naturally nobody can help it then.

Anonymous said...

If Jews today are closer politically to Christians than to Muslims, it has nothing to do with the history of either religion or their past behaviour. It has everything to do with the fact that the Muslim world has decided to oppose Israel's existence since 1948. Why do Muslims side with the Palestinians just because most of them are Muslims? That doesn't make their cause any more just. They want exclusive control of the country, while the Jews agreed to partition in 1948. The parallel in Indian history would be if the Hindus rejected Pakistan's right to exist as a separate country and insisted on one greater India ruled by Hindus.

Anonymous said...

PPl are waking up to the dangers of zionism.This global economic collapse is because of the greed of the world elite international bankers.You will find their connections to all wars fought in this century plus who were the masterminds behind major terrorists attacks aka 911.and do you know who controls the worlds mainstream media?....which we beleive is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Jews have suffered both from Chritian love and Muslim love throughout history.Your revelation of Jew prosecution under Christians is commendable but unfortunately you have convinently ignored the jew prosecution under Muslims probably to assert and re-inforce your point about the unholiness of the jews in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Now Mr Ahmedinajad says he doubts the "Jewish holocaust" but why does he need to do this since muslims had nothing to do with the holocaust? Well this is the common Arab perception and policy that acknowledging the extent of the brutality of the "Jewish Holocaust" would create sympathy for jews and undermine the Palestinian sympathy in the eyes of the world.This is the least kept secret of Arab policy.

Many muslims assert that their deep dislike for the Zionest regime is not to be confused with anti-semitism but often the lines are more blurred.For Example even in the recent Mumbai attacks a "Jewish house" - Nariman house was specifically targetted.We can find similar examples throughout the world if we care to look.

Though the Palestinian migration(or expulsion) from their lands after the establishment of Israel is a bitter fact however it is also a fact about the migration(or expulsion) of jews from Arab lands post 1948 Arab-Israel conflict.

There is also a popular perception among muslims that JEWS were living just fabulously in the Arab world pre-Israel creation.This Sir, is just a mirage...numerous instances of violence against the Jews and their persecution have been well recorded in history.Though there were periods of peacefull co-existence but even these came at a cost of paying "jizra" to practise their faith and numerous restrictions.Usually these assertions are dis-missed as Zionist conspiracies but this is like "putting head in the sand".

Anonymous said...

Most places that Arabs/Muslims went were already devoid of Jews i.e Persia, India, Iraq etc. So the question of persecution did not arise at the same level as Christians. But whenever and where the Muslims felt Jews were a threat they did massacre them.

Islam needs some serious & good leadership today. Look at Pakistan..first they killed/eliminated Hindus, then they went after Shias (other non sunni muslims). You had Muslims killing Muslims in Pakistan and they talk of RSS being communal.

Now we see that they want to go after women also (SWAT etc), soon enough some madman mullah will kill even sunnis with no beard...because at that point no one else will be left to hate or kill..this will continue until people left look and think like them and I am sure there also they will find an excuse to kill.

All this will happen the name of the religion of "Peace" .... and we are supposed to keep quite and not offend these idiots by calling them what they are.."terrorists"

Mazda said...

my friend if you do some research about the 1300 year mistreatment of Jews in Yemen, u might want to reconsider your essay. In the rest of Arab lands, Jews were a super-tiny minority so there's little question of persecution.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Imran Mulla, you say that the quoran has the following words written 'he Holy Quarn has also said that Jews will never mend their path to staright and they are cursed in this world and hearafter also,. I don't understand this, aren't these words prejudicial and hate invoking?

Imran Mulla said...

Isnt it true that Jews have not mend their way still also and will never. Its a fact which is what is stated in Holy Quran.

Kiran Sai said...

The author of the article says that Christians of europe persecuted Jews more than Muslims. That was because then, there were more Jews in Europe than in Canaan(present day Israel).Europeans did what exactly Muslims(Almost all of them) are doing today : Viewing Jews with suspicion and hatred. Also th author says Muslims safe gaurded the Jews .Well if Imran Mulla is correct(The Holy Quarn has also said that Jews will never mend their path to staright and they are cursed in this world and hearafter also.)THEN the author is being hypocritical.

Indian said...

Aah there we go again

I doubt the fact that Muslims really safegaurded jews. It is not that muslims from middle east kinda invited jews being persecuted in europe and elsewhere. actually Indian muslims( allso indian hindus for that matter) dint give a damn about what was happening to jews for last 2000+ years. and the author says muslims safe gaurded jews hmnn....

Also jews began migrating to canan in 19th century(1800s) cannan wasn't inhabited by significant number of arabs( or any muslim)at that time. it is actually jews who developed that area by building homes irrigating lands etc.

And in the end, Why the hell are we breaking our heads over this matter, why does an indian muslim have to care what jew does when the jews actions dont even affect him. Why cant the indian muslim( along with other indians) bother about more pressing matters

Jai hind

Akshat said...

Stories reflect the mindset of society. Has someone read THE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS ? We can clearly see there that how much muslims loathed them. So its not proper to say that Muslims were their saviours. Their position is same in islamic world as the position of muslims in christian world.

Anonymous said...

A Jew wrote "It is a fight over land and sovereignty, rather than a conflict over religion. Seeing the conflict as a fight between Jews and Muslims is wrong. It is a conflict between Israelis and Palestinians."

Well said anonymous Jew. Let me ask you one question. If that is not a fight between religion then when the Jew Media and Israel have been portraying this as a region issue. Wasn't 9-11 a political terror not the act of boys from Madarsah. The suicide attack in Land of honey and milk is political. Right? Everything is political. Why this global war on Terrorism was directed on Muslim?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me one thing.Why is their so much hatred in you for jews?Have we all learnt nothing from our history.Hating a person based on its religion will lead us nowhere.Only politicians at the top are going to gain by such questions,not common men like u and me.India has already accepted pakistan as an independent country.Then why cant the rest of the muslim world accept israel as an independent country.Why cant people just live in peace.Palestine and israel issues are political issues.Damn this religion.It has certainly brought us closer to god,yeah sure,by driving us straight to our graves.TURN INTO ATHEISTS PEOPLE.WOULD SAVE US A LOT OF TROUBLE.


Ur mother may have Died when you were Born.
Your gall Bladder may blast inside your belly........
you See the GOD with your own Eyes, yet, Still tend to JUMP INTO THE MUD.

Poet shah Abdul latif bhittai (Sindh)

mansoor said...

Ur mother may have Died when you were Born.
Your gall Bladder may blast inside your belly........
you See the GOD with your own Eyes, yet, Still tend to JUMP INTO THE MUD.

Poet shah Abdul latif bhittai (Sindh)

Sarthak Ganguly said...

Muslims saving the Jews?
Are you serious?
Jews were saved only if they paid Jizya or converted to Islam. That is not saving. Jews were hunted down by all - from Christians to Muslims. Christians were more blood thirsty in the beginning. True, but that does not make Muslim rulers fare any better. The oldest one being Bani Quraiza.

indscribe said...

Sarthak bhai, it's true. Kindly check history books. After holocaust, due to moral guilt Europe decided to settle Jews in Arab land, thus shifting their problem to Middle East. Naturally, they began fighting and forgot everything. The hostilities of last five decades are enough for them....they forgot all. Check another post here Jews suffered holocaust now inflict the same on Palestinians

Sarthak Ganguly said...

I have read.

The British mandated authorities never wished to see a Jewish state. They even refused Jewish emigration to Israel. Even to those who had suffered in Europe! Several militant Jewish groups considered the British to be more evil than the Nazis. Indeed check Lehi for that matter. Read about Walther Guiness and Folke Bernadotte - both assassinated by Jews for OPPOSING a jewish homeland.

It was only after the Jews forcibly evicted the Arabs from stretches of Palestine, did they earn a land for themselves. The world hated them They hate them now. Hell, even the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem went to Europe and raised a Waffen SS Bosnian Muslim Division for the Nazis!!! Everybody knows that.

Muslims saving Jews?
I take this as a sarcastic dark comedy post.

Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...

Jews and Muslims and Israel

Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini [Hitler's Mufti]

" The jews are the peoples who were living in Islamic countries and nations since when the other nations and peoples hated them, the Roman and Christian persecuted them, The jews were not allowed to enter into the city of Jerusalem in the Roman and later in the Christian Era, but it were muslims who allowed them in Jerusalem, The III rd Caliph Hz. Umar Bin Khattab (RA) and Sultan Salahoddin Ayyubi allowed them to worship in jerusalem, and the Jews were living a prosperous life in the islamic Empire, the turks treated them with nicely, and the Jews flourished in Islamic era, they learned science, medicine, engineering in Islamic Era only, but at last in the beginning of 20 th century Muslims and Jews became victims of the British conspiracy and Muslims started hating them for the small piece of land".
The Land which According to Quran "was for the Jews".

Perhaps This is One of the the biggest mistake of Muslims.
The peoples who had persecuted the jews since millenia became their friends, took hold of their scientific knowledge, developed atomic energy from
the scientific research of jewish scientists, and the peoples who had given the jews shelter for one thousand years in islamic countries became their enemies, this is biggest conspiracy against muslims and jews together.
The British and the Americans and their Christian allies identified the jewish scientists very early and sided with them covertly and sewed the seed of hatred in the hearts of these two children of Abraham.
The peoples who helped and sheltered helpless jews for complate one thousand years in Islamic Empire and the Jews who lived in the Islamic countries fell prey to the satanic conspiracy, now Arab muslims and Israeli Jews are fighting each other because they both have same DNA and brains, they could not realize the conspiracy behind this sewn hatred, the Jewish scientific knowledge has been Stolen and looted by the satanic European allies, and the allies realized the fact, that if muslims and jews who had been favoured and obliged by the muslims became friends then the new atomic knowledge will pass to the ottoman empire and then the ottomans will once again become invincible.

But muslims and Jews both did not realize the satanic conspiracy and for a piece of land both parties became enemies of each other, the jews had never seen any land since millenia, so they became obsessed even for a very small piece of land and the muslims other hand think at that time that the British are the real friends of Muslims and Islam.

The peoples who Sheltered in difficult times became enemy and those peoples who persecuted the Jews stollen the Fruits of science and technology from the hands of the jews.
The jews, other hand became happy with a torn apart and small piece of land, the example of the jews is just like an infant who becomes quiet when some body inserts a honey nipple (Toothie) in his mouth.

And this mistake of Muslims is now became Nasoor of Ummate Rasool Allah (SM), this mistake is the root cause of every cause and problem of muslims, the British sowed a poisonous seed in the heart of Muslims, and now every blame of terrorism and every bad thing is the result of this poisonous seed or its germination."

Now every act of terrorism and every bad thing is created by the enemies of Islam and blamed on muslims, because muslims and jews are enemies, so they can do it.
The present time is not for hatred and enemity, but the present time is to realize the conspiracy and the present time is for peace and justice.
We must forgive each other and we must remember the favors and we must live with wise thinking and in friendship and with confidence.

Now we must realize it, and we must understand it.

Engg. Ishrat Hussain Mohammad