Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When Hindu girls elope with Muslim boys or Muslim women marry Hindu youths: Inter-religious marriages in India

A Hindu girl and a Muslim youth [or vice-versa] elope and the result is that tension grips the entire town.

If the girl is Hindu, the Bajrang Dal or other fringe organisations create a storm and demand that the girl is brought back while the culprit [youth] be arrested for kidnapping.

It is later found that the girl and boy who had run away were adult and had married as per law. The affidavit was submitted in the court.

In a recent case, the real bombshell comes when they find that: it was not the girl who converted but the boy who not only changed his name but also underwent 'Shuddhikaran' to become a Hindu. Now what! The loony organisations are left without an issue.

So they demand that the couple should be handed over to them and they will do his 'Shuddikaran' and make him wear the sacred thread as it could be just a trick of a Muslim to increase the minority community population by 'luring innocent Hindu girls'.

The newly wed couple now shows CD of the video recording of their marriage as per Vedic rites and also the priest's version of conversion. Still, you must give credit to Bajrang Dal and such right-wing organisations who insist that it is wrong.

When Bajrang Dal turns 'pro-Muslim elders'

After all, they are our moral guardians and culture cops. At this juncture, they turn pro-Muslim and say that the inter-religious marriages are fundamentally wrong as ' Islamic and Hindu cultures can't coexist, both families will have difficulty in adjusting and what about their children--no matter what happens, the society can't accept it'.

And even go a step ahead to say, 'what will happen to Muslim girls if the Muslim boys won't marry them and instead take away the Hindu girls'. Just see the concern! Otherwise in the society as well, people get divided on communal lines and also as per their interests.

An RSS sympathiser would rue that the Hindu youths are so busy in studies and competitive examinations that the Muslim youths who are free to loiter and have ample time, manage to coax the Hindu girls. Amongst Muslims you will also find similar voices.

Inter-religious marriages, communal tensions, patriarchy and society

As long as Bajrang Dal and other outfits were complaining, they were happy but when the boy's conversion to Hinduism is known, they would change their stand.

They begin question the concept of love marriage: 'mahaul kharaab hota hai, koii faida nahiin, apni ladkiyaan ghar par baithii hain...sort of crap.

So whether its a Hindu girl or a Muslim girl or boy of either religion [or even Christian], most people would love to forget that adults can marry in a free country as per law.

They would cite all sorts of weird reasons and try to prove that it is the worst of crimes. The police also loves it. In the past a poor couple and handicapped couple was harassed. READ THIS POST.

They can convert the case of missing person into abduction [or kidnapping] to put pressure on the boy's family for extortion. They would cite that the complainant's family had told that the girl was not yet 18 though she may be 20 or more.

Indian parents have rights over kids' love, sex lives!

Kin of the families would be illegally detained and made to cough up money. Watching a movie everybody stands for the hero and heronie and for end to obstacles in marriage so that there is happy ending but in real life, it's so different.

How hypocrite and narrow-minded we are as a society. Here is the story that had all these ingredients mentioned above. Read the story here. Now read the tragic love story of Rizwanur Rehman and Priyanka Todi, opposed by the multi-millionaire girl's family. Rizwanur was tortured and later found dead in mysterious circumstances.