Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eid preparations in India: Photos of Muslim youths preparing for the festival

Eidul Adha or Eidul Azha* [Baqrid, as we call in sub-continent] will be celebrated just a few days from now.

The photographs of bakras [goats] are appearing in newspapers. Later we will see photos of Muslims offering prayer on the Id day.

I found two nice photos in the context of Iduzzuha. The first is photo of a youth trying out his cap (topi).

He looks in the mirror to check if the skullcap fits perfectly and looks good on him. In another photograph, there is a girl who is looking at a necklace in a shop.

Markets are abuzz as shoppers are out on the streets, ahead of the festival.

I am sure you will also be preparing for the day. Non-Muslims would also go to their friends' places and wish them.

Remember, on Id, you don't need an invitation. It is considered improper. You are supposed to go and wish them, and of course have 'siwain' or other delicacies.

In case you eat non-vegetarian food, you will be waiting for the day eagerly. I am quite sure about it.

As far as spelling confusion about Eid, I wrote a post on this blog. It is Eiduz Zuha or Eidul Azha  Do read it HERE.