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Monday, May 18, 2009

Less Muslim MPs in Lok Sabha but no regrets

Though there has been a significant decline in representation of Muslims in this Lok Sabha election, Muslims don't seem to mind it, as the priority was to vote for suitable candidates irrespective of caste or religion.

There has been nearly 20% downfall in number of Muslims elected to Lok Sabha in this elections compared to 2004. The figure is 29* out of 543. So Muslims will account for just 5% of MPs in the lower house of Parliament.

However, it's good to see politicians with criminal background like Mukhtar Ansari, Rizwan Zahir and Taslimuddin out of the house. M Shahabuddin's wife contested from Siwan but lost. Clearly, Muslims largely voted for better candidates than Muslim contestants.

And it's a good sign. An active parliamentarian who promises to solve basic problems of the area is many times better than a candidate of one's caste or community who may not do anything. Evidently, CPM heavy-weight Mohammad Salim was defeated from a Muslim-majority constituency. Or the other veteran Hannan Mollah who lost in West Bengal.

No Delimitation Effect

In fact, after delimitation, it was felt that Muslims will win more seats because several constituencies that were earlier resrved for SCs and STs though had high minority concentration, had been de-reserved. But this didn't happen.

So many candidates lost that one almost lost track. Shahid Siddiqui, Tariq Anwar, Rashid Masood, Noor Bano, CK Jaffer Sharief, AR Antulay, Maulana Maudood Madani, Salim Sherwani, Akbar Ahmad Dumpy, Dr Javed Akhtar, Afzal Ansari, Ilyas Azmi, Shahid Akhlaq, AA Fatimi et al.

BJP's Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi also lost at the multi-cornered fight in Rampur where Jaya Prada won despite Azam's Khan sabotage attempt. AIMIM's Asaduddin Owaisi did retain Hyderabad seat by defeating Zahid Ali Khan, who managed to secure nearl 2 lakh votes.

The new entrants include M Azharuddin and the young lady Mausam Benazir Noor from Malda. There won't be any veterans except Farooq Abdullah and a few other recognised faces like E Ahamed and Salman Khurshid. Perfume baron Badruddin Ajmal has entered Lok Sabha from Assam.

SP wins 23 seats but no Muslim MP

In Uttar Pradesh, Muslims voted for Congress and SP while Mayawati's BSP didn't get adequate Muslim support. Except a few seats where Ulema Council and Peace Party candidates took away fraction of vote, mostly Muslims voted for non-Muslim candidates of clean-image.

What else explains the victory of SP in 23 seats, though not a single Muslim has won on SP ticket. This is a very strange situation. SP couldn't have won so many seats without Muslim vote, as Yadav population is barely 10-12% in UP while Muslims form 18-19% of the electorate. Though it's tally has gone down, it remains the third biggest party in terms of seats in parliament after Congress and BJP.

While BSP that has over 22% strong Dalit voter can win without Muslim support, SP can't win as many seats, unless it gets any other important community or section in its fold. Clearly, Muslims voted for Congress and SP.

So when Muslims voted, they went for party and candidate, not the 'Muslim identity. In some places where BSP put up Muslim candidates, the party got the votes of the community. But BSP's other candidates didn't get the support of community.

State-wise Muslim MPs

Of the 29 Muslims elected to Lok Sabha, Congress has maximum winners from its ranks followed by National Conference and BSP (4 each), Muslim League and TMC (2 each), CPM, JDU, BJP, AIMIM, AUDF and DMK (1 each). None of the Muslim candidates of RJD, SP or any other party could reach the Parliament.

For those interested in statistics, the highest number of Muslims was elected to the Lok Sabha in 1980 when the figure was 48. In 1984 also, the number of Muslim MPs was 41. In the last election the figure was 36.

In this election the 29 Muslim candidates who won from various states include:
UP (7), WB (6), Kashmir (4), Bihar (3), Kerala (3), Tamil Nadu (2), Assam (2), AP (1) and Laccadives (1). From Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Jharkhand, no Muslim contestant emerged winner.

[*There is confusion regarding status of Jehanara Chaudhary alias Rani Narah who has won from Assam and Kabir Suman who had converted to Islam.] See the list at TCN


Anser Azim said...

Not yet an endangered species of the Lok Sabha despite 160 millions or more!!! I wish they had won from nonmuslim areas to leave a stamp of true democracy!!!

Anonymous said...

Media did not report the success of muslim parties like AIMIM in AP won 7 Assembly seat and prestigious Hyderabad Lok Shaba seat but hardly any TV channel locally in AP (Telugu) or national channel or any news paper website reported on the result day next day some of the news paper website it report but still i was disappointed living in democracy why media is so biased about Indian muslims? AIMIM came up with its own website www.aimim.in and inshaAllah going to start a TV channel soon as well. I appreciate your work for highlighting Indian muslims cause, well done and keep up the good work! may Allah bless you.
Best Wishes!

Pinku said...

heartening news. Now if only the Hindu undamentalists would also stop getting support....the caste and community based politics could be rejected...for a better functioning democracy.

Jai Ho!!

Anonymous said...

Muslims are champions at self-glorification (no racism intended; I am serious). Muslims voted for Congress, not for governance but for the lollipops that they got from Congress:
1. Manmohan said that "Muslims have first right to nation's resources."
2. Congress dangled the Sachar Committee Report
3. INC talked about reservations for Muslims.
4. UPA called SIMI a nationalistic organisation.
5. UPA requested clemency for Afzal Guru.
6. UPA allocated millions of rupees for minority welfare - needless to mention, only a fraction reached the target population.
7. Congress pushed for Muslim reservations in Aligarh Muslim Univ.
So, scrape the surface and you will see that Congress did dangle some lollipops for the Muslims. Muslims have historically been a vote-bank and they behaved as a vote-bank in 2009 elections too. Its just that Congress was the benefeciary instead of Mulayams and Laloos. When such a huge population is happy with gestures, Iftar parties and lollipops, giving them roads, power, water and employment is stupidity!!! Think again!! BJP only destroyed a mosque. Others (Congress, MIM, SP, RJD) destroyed your right to live a dignified life the day they boxed you as a "vote-bank". Anyway, this is a great site. I am a Hindu, but I vist your blogs regulalry - fantastic insight. Keep going.

Ahmed Bashu (Andhra Pradesh) said...

Actually we Muslims are 29 in this Lok Sabha we are 30............ the main parties like congress don’t give us proper opportunity to contest from the Muslim dominated Areas...... I am from Andhra Pradesh If INC would have given us Seats from Mahaboob Nagar, Karnool, anantapur and Guntur we would have won the election with a great majority............ This should be realized by the party (INC) when they even seek votes from us and how they woe us for votes and fake promises. I don’t know weather the Indian government (INC) is following democracy or hypocrisy....... let us wait and see tell the next election...............

Dr. VK DWIVEDI said...

Muslim in India has their own agenda.
They do not want India to be stronger country and big military power. They vote tactically to defeat Hindu domination in policy making. Currently in India there is no Hindu domination because the crucial decissions are being taken by Mrs. Sonia, Chair person of UPA, along with Mr. Ahmad patel and Anthony (Defence Minister). Mr. Manmohan Singh is only a puppet Prime Minister controlled by above three persons. So muslim community of world should feel good because their agenda in India is fully implemented by voting in favour of UPA. I am Hindu but I will advice muslim of this country that Congess Party is the biggest enemy of Muslim and they are keeping you apart from other Indian communities.

Dr Ramesh Kumar said...

Jai Hind ! Eid Mubarak to ALL...! (2011)
With warm regards.

Sincerely Yours

Dr Ramesh Kumar,Ambala

Dr Ramesh Kumar said...

Jai Hind ! Eid Mubarak to ALL...! (2011)
With warm regards.

Sincerely Yours

Dr Ramesh Kumar,Ambala

indscribe said...

Thank you doctor sahab :)