Monday, September 05, 2011

Ganesha photo on Muslim couple's wedding invitation card: Communal Harmony Project-17

If a Muslim family gets a marriage invitation card published in Hindi, it may seem uncommon but not rare. However, Gulzar's marriage invitation card exactly looked like a Hindu family's wedding card.

It not only had a design featuring Lord Ganesha but the language and the use of Sanskrit terms made it look distinct. That was the reason this card raised eyebrows.

Many people lauded the spirit while some didn't approve of the change. The marriage occurred sometime back in Mandsaur, which is situated in Western Madhya Pradesh on the border of Rajasthan.

Gulzar, a labourer, was married to Najma Bi. When he was asked by media persons, he said that he got his card printed in Hindi because most of his friends were Hindu and he wanted to send a message of communal harmony.

Gulzar's father Ismail said that he had no objection to his son's plan to invite his friends as per their culture and traditions. The terms like 'aamantran', 'chiranjivi' and 'mangal parinay' and other ceremonies were also in accordance with the local Hindu customs.

It is no rule but generally Indian Muslims [except in Kerala & some other states) get marriage invitation cards printed in Urdu. The upper middle class and the middle class Muslims often gets the cards printed in both English and Urdu.

Though I have seen some wedding cards in Hindi also [particularly in recent years in North India] anguage remains Urdu though the script is 'devnagari'.

While Hindus overwhelming go to mazaars and dargahs of Sufi saints, several Muslim youths also participate in Hindu events and help organising the programmes during Ganeshotsava and Holi-Diwali celebrations, which reflects the communal harmony in Indian society.

Now see and read about a Hindu family's wedding invitation card in URDU at this LINK.

[Harmony exists all around us but is often ignored. Instead, stories of hate, discord and communalism get spread easily.

There are a million examples in our daily lives across India but they don't get promoted, hence, news of hate and discord gets heard more. Let's change it, now. This is a small attempt to change it through Communal Harmony Project]

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