Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hindu wedding, Urdu card: Non-Muslim couple prints invitation card for marriage in Urdu

This is an invitation card in Urdu, which is not too uncommon in India.

The only surprise here is that it is a Hindu marriage for which the invitation has been sent in Urdu.

Not just the card has 'Bismillah' on the front cover but has the complete invitation in Urdu script.

'Noor-chashm' Dr Navneet got married to Dr Tejasvini recently. The card requests the guests to attend the 'daawat-e-ta'aam'. These days many Muslims, who claim that Urdu is their mother tongue, get invitation cards printed in English [more in Northern India, particularly, UP].

As a matter of fact, it is a rarity now to see non-Muslim marriage cards in Urdu. This particular marriage took place in Hyderabad, Deccan [Andhra Pradesh].A few years back, I had posted the card 'Ganesha on Muslim marriage card'. Read it here.

I have nothing against cards in English. But just for the sake of fashion, English invitation cards with serious spelling and grammatical mistakes, irritate me. In one of marriages, the family was affluent but not educated], yet they got cards printed in English.

There were not just grammatical errors but blunders and bloomers. They were marrying off their sons and decided not to put up names of future daughters-in-law, because of certain strange traditions in their family. So when the cards went out, it appeared that two boys were getting married. So we see such absurdities.
Have you seen such unique cards elsewhere? If you have seen, do share. Now see about the marriage invitation card of a Muslim youth, which is in Hindi and also has Hindu religious symbol. Do check this interesting post HERE