Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shouldn't Muslims support Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), try it once?

The Assembly elections are round the corner and recent poll surveys suggested that Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Praty (AAP) was now a serious contender in Delhi.

Though the AAP doesn't have a major presence in other states, success in Delhi, will boost the morale of the party.

In in the initial period [post Anna movement], there wasn't much enthusiasm among Muslims, regarding the AAP. It seems the mood is changing now. Finally, a lot of Muslims are now talking positively about the party.

AAP has certainly made a difference in the way campaigns were conducted in Delhi in the past. Also, the party leaders seem to be more open and clean. It will be a positive change if Muslims see an alternative in AAP. For decades, Muslims supported Congress and what have they got in return?


The Sachar panel report revealed the truth about Muslims' socio-economic backwardness. But, years after the recommendations, what has the Congress done about it? Similarly, there is no implementation of reports on communal riots.

Still, Congress acts in such a way that BJP manages to get the arsenal to attack Muslims, and term it as a party that indulges in 'appeasement' Muslims. The trouble with BJP is that it says that its different but its cadre & members of its allied organisations have no love lost for the minorities.

If there is genuine issue of Muslim youths framed or innocent youths booked under harsh laws, the BJP leaders don't even pause and think once but straight want even harsh treatment. Okay, don't 'appease', but at least, avoid targeting or harassing the minorities. Can the BJP do it on a national level?

They are torn between their ideology and the needs of the politics. This differs state to state, leader to leader, CM to CM. So what's the option? The ordinary Muslim, just like the ordinary Indian, expects little from politicians.


What we want is that they won't rob our money, avoid scams, stay away from hooliganism, extortion and work for ensuring transparency in the system.

Even basic demands like improving condition of Urdu medium schools in Delhi or opening dispensaries, ensuring hygienic drinking water & electricity, fell on deaf ears. So, it is understandable that there are murmurs for change among Muslims.

n this regard, some of the AAP leaders do appear to be different and have clean image. The anti-corruption plank naturally appeals to all sections. The AAP deserves to be given a chance. It will help strengthen our democracy also. [Link to Arvind Kejriwal's letter to Muslims]

The fact that there are just two big mainstream parties at the national level--Congress and BJP. Both these parties refuse to change, fail to reinvent and many of their leaders have institutionalised corruption. Isn't this reason enough for electorate to support a third alternative.


In the beginning, there were also reservations among some sections about AAP's stand on certain issues like AAP's stand vis-a-vis reservations for Dalits/SCs/STs. Some persons with dubious credentials are no longer with the party. Hopefully, with party growing in strength, its leaders will make their stand clearer.

If sections of Muslims switch to AAP's fold, it can surely change the complexion of Assembly in Delhi. No group, community or individual should become a slave to any party. There should not be any compulsion to keep voting for a party election after election.

The political system has become stagnant and hence the entry of the men with the broom [AAP's election symbol], might just make our democracy more vibrant. Also, arrival of new party, forces the existing political parties to introspect and improve their functioning as well. In this context, one should welcome the party's presence on the election scene.

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