Sunday, July 13, 2014

Irony for Israel: When the world calls Israel a 'Nazi state', Jews also oppose its atrocities on Palestinians

Would Jews who suffered enormously in holocaust could have imagined that their State would one day kill innocent children, almost the same way, as the Nazis did in Hitler's Germany?

And that many would term Israel as Nazi state! Further, the state of Israel would defend itself despite the wanton killings, refuse to accept the truth, disregard international opinion, and remain adamant, just like the perpetrators of Holocaust, seven decades ago.

What is happening today in Gaza [Palestine] is a tragedy. And how, the country [homeland] of the most persecuted group of people on earth, gets involved in such massacres, is equally a tragedy for mankind.

Across, the world, organisations, leaders, individuals of standing, are equating Israel's brutal killings of children, women and elderly, with Nazi Germany.

Even more, the Jews themselves, are saying it. Gaza is a virtual prison and is termed as 'concentration camp'. In America and several other countries, Jews are opposing Zionism and the policies of Israel. There are Jews protesting against the bloodbath in Gaza, and raising banners, saying that they are opposed to Israel's aggression.

How world sees Israel, which isolates itself, refuses to learn from its own experiences

African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party in South Africa, has termed Israeli military operation in Gaza strip, with the Nazi war against Jews.

ANC condemned the action as 'barbaric attacks' and that 'Israel has turned occupied territories into permanent death camps.

See the link comparing Israel's offensive to atrocities by Nazis, at this link, HERE

Many countries in Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world apart from Human Rights group have made similar comparison.

But what should serve as a wakeup call for the state of Israel is that even Jews are openly speaking up against the country's acts against civilian population in Gaza. TV star Roseanne Bar, who has Jewish ancestry, said that Israel was acting like Nazis.

She wrote this on her blog when there was similar attack on Gaza, last time. The comments drew strong reactions. She had written, "Israel is a NAZI state. The Jewish soul is being tortured in Israel". Read about it HERE.

Then, musician Roger Waters [who was earlier with Pink Floyd] made a similar assertion.

He compared modern state of Israel with Nazi Germany. The veteran rock star's comments had angered Zionists and pro-Israel lobby.

But he said that it was not anti-semitism. The report is HERE.

Brett Wilkins, in Digital Journal, wrote the article under the headline, 'Israel is much closer to Nazi Germany than Iran is'. [LINK].

The Committee for Remembrance Education, [Belgium], equates treatment of Palestinian Arabs by Israelis today with the treatment of Jews by Nazis in the 40s. See an earlier part to this article below:

Jews suffered holocaust, now inflict it on Palestinians

Read to find out the historical issue, the problem of Palestine, how Europe persecuted Jews and later shifted the problem to Middle East, the sufferings of Jews, the manner in which Muslims saved persecuted Jews, and then the modern era--the Israel-Palestine conflict. READ IT HERE