Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Congress' indifference to Saffron siege in Mangalore, coastal Karnataka may cost it dearly

Mangalore seems to be under Saffron vigilante's rule even though it is the Congress government that is in power in Karnataka. 

The latest incident is that of a couple which was 'caught' on a beach as the teenaged girl and boy 'seemed' to be belonging to different religions.

They were taken to police station, the youth was assaulted brutally and arrested. His mother died of heart attack after the incident.

Also, Bajrang Dal stopped a study tour, because non-Hindu students were also part of the co-ed tour. A nun was also abducted in a recent incident.

Incidents of inter-religious couples targeted by moral police, attacks on places of worship and attacks on minorities' are a regular feature in the city. And this has become a pattern in the entire region.

Earlier, a college student's photo with girls, led to goons thrashing him. There is distrust and widening distance between communities.

With Saffron groups growing culture policing, there is reaction from other sides too. As a result, the Muslim groups are also focusing on moral policing, it is reported. 

Mangalore was once known for its tolerant and syncretic culture. But today it is known for communal conflicts. For almost a decade, the city has been a witness to increasing religious tension. 

After every incident, there is outrage but no tough action--the perpetrators are booked under ordinary sections and promptly released on bail. Karnataka is among the few big states where Congress is still a major player. 

But as the party refuses to take a stand, others are claiming the space. Those aware of the ground situation say PFI is stepping in, as minorities feel Congress can't protect them. Still, the grand old party, doesn't seem to have learnt any lesson.

Congress' lack of conviction on secularism and upholding secular values cost it Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The situation reached a point where minorities (Muslims) in these states got so sick of it that they won't want to vote for the party, even at the 'risk' of BJP's victory. 

If the party keeps dithering, it will become a marginal player here too, in future. 


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