Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bajrang Dal engineers riot in Karnataka after Muslim barber refused to shut shop on 'Tuesday'

In a shocking incident, right-wing extremist group Bajrang Dal engineered a communal riot in a town in Mangalore district, after a Muslim man refused to shut his shop on 'Tuesday'.

This riot over' barber's insistence on haircut' took place in Nelliyadi in Mangalore. The barber, Salman, opened his salon but was asked by local Bajrang Dal leader to shut it, 'as Hindus don't get haircut on Tuesday'.

When Salman refused, Bajrang Dal and allied Hindutva groups' members attacked Muslims and ransacked property. Dozens were injured and property worth lakhs was gutted.

Incidentally, Karnataka is ruled by Congress but right-wing extremists' activities have increased in the State, especially, in Mangalore district in recent years.

This report published in Hindustan Times, tells that Bajrang Dal leader Ravi Bally asked Salman to down the shutters in view of 'local sentiments' but he refused. Popular Front of India (PFI) members' names has also come up in this rioting. PFI is a Muslim group active in this region.

This year alone, over 150 communal incidents have occurred in Mangalore. The district was once known for communal harmony, education and openness among members of different religious communities.


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