Monday, January 22, 2018

Just compare Muslim silence on Haj subsidy abolition with Karni Sena violence on Padmavati

When BJP government decided to do away with the Haj subsidy, there was not a single protest across India.

Muslims didn't come out on streets. They didn't even burn effigies or stage any protests at all.

It was peace all across India. Government took a unilateral decision but there was no opposition or street violence.

But, when a movie, Padmavati, was about to be released, the Karni Sena came out on streets, it threatened to kill actors, apart from threats to cut nose and bury the actors.

Despite open threats, FIRs were not registered. The state, the media, everyone seemed to ignore the verbal threats and the violence on the streets, as if the Karni Sena is their own group and it was nothing but mere tantrums.

Further, there were violent attacks, arson, attacks on cinema halls, assaults, threats to burn down theatres, even making an extremely shocking appeal to Rajputs within Army, and not even listening to Supreme Court. 

Just recall, mob violence in India in recent history. Army had to be called out in Haryana as well as in Gujarat during Jat agitation and Patidar movement. Is nationalism about burning-damaging national property?

Bajrang Dal does it all the time but it remains national. Which Muslim group has been involved in such acts? None.

Yet, the Karni Sena is termed as a 'fringe'. No extremism or fanaticism, used here.

Similarly, when BJP government unilaterally decided to bring law banning Triple Talaq, the Muslim community, even if there were many voices against it, didn't go out on streets to stage protests or commit violence.

This is not just about Karni Sena. It is about Bajrang Dal and Ram Sene, it is about the VHP as well as HVK.

From Gujjar agitation to Jat violence, from Patidar movement to Baba Ram Rahim's followers--all have been incidents of organised violence, the state and law was defied, people died.

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Even in farmers' agitations or teachers' protests, one finds arson, attacks and violence.

However, Muslims show maturity, despite bad press and constant demonisation, Muslims remain peaceful and avoid any mass protests or violence, don't damage national property and abide by law. This is the point, we must remember.

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