Sunday, October 28, 2018

Terrorism: White supremacist shooter guns down 11 Jews at Pittsburgh synagogue

Robert Bowers who killed 11 Jews at the Pittsburgh synagogue, had 21 guns registered to his name. 

He felt Jews were 'children of satan', 'enemies of whites' & was against immigrants. 

Bowers used Gab, the social media network where hate speech allowed as free speech. 

This is not the first such incident. Whites are an overwhelming majority in America.

But, time and again, White supremacists have resorted to shootings, killings in America. This shows how propaganda leads to persecution among majority & then this hate overcomes them so much that they live in the imaginary world.

Bowers, 46, kept posting hate-filled messages on social media earlier. He would call immigrants, 'invaders', and forward racist memes. He was spreading conspiracy theories and also felt that Muslims were brought to US by Jews.

New York Times reports: 

"The shooting came a day after federal authorities arrested a man in Florida on charges of sending mail bombs to prominent Democrats. The man, Cesar Sayoc Jr., had also posted vitriolic and sometimes violent messages — both online and on stickers attached to the windows of his van. Political rage fueled Mr. Sayoc, who railed against liberals and immigrants and echoed the saber-rattling rhetoric of Mr. Trump’s rallies, according to people who knew him".

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These are just a few of the innumerable incidents. From schools to prayer halls, the shooters have targeted kids, women and men. In fact, domestic white radical is the biggest threat in America today. 

This is a lesson for everybody--how spreading hate against minorities or immigrants can affect minds and damage societies. In India too, there is a constant media attack--hate campaign against Muslims, immigrants and 'outsiders'. This has resulted in right-wing extremism.

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