Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Two tribals lynched in Madhya Pradesh: Duo beaten to death over suspicion that they were in possession of beef

In a gruesome incident, two tribals were killed by a group of right-wing radicals in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. 

Suspecting that the tribals were carrying beef and were involved in cow slaughter, the assailants beat them up. 

As a result, two persons--Dhan Shah Inwati and Sampat Batti died while the third got critically injured. This is yet another incident in which Hindus were killed over suspicion of possessing beef and cow slaughter. 

Though mostly Muslims are targeted, there have been some incidents in the past when Hindus were attacked and lost their lives due to cow vigilantes or right-wing groups' attacks. The clipping of Dainik Bhaskar has been attached.

After the incident, the national highway was blocked. Agitated tribal community demanded action in the case. Some of the suspects have been identified and detained. The police said that efforts are on to catch the absconders. Investigation is on in the case.