Saturday, June 04, 2016

Right-wing extremists trying to turn India into Hitler's Germany: Minorities under attack, lawlessness becomes order of the day

The photograph shows cow vigilantes standing with their feet on the head of a Muslim cattle transporter.

After brutally breating up the cattle transporters [nearly lynching them], these right-wing extremists are giving a pose.

That's just one of the several such incidents that are reported from all over India.

It happens in MP, it happens in Rajasthan, it happens in Jharkhand, it happens in UP, in Haryana, in Himachal, in Jammu, it happens everywhere.

People transporting cattle are beaten up, tortured and even killed. But even after such brutality and barbarism, the police that is generally mute spectator, register cases against the victims.

That's he harsh reality of 21st century India. Right-wing extremism has become mainstream in India. The wish to turn India into Hitler's Germany and turn minorities [Muslims] as second class citizens, was always in the heart of those who are part of Hindutva movement.

But, in the last two years, it has become a nationwide phenomenon. Surprisingly, this form of terrorism, doesn't get reported adequately in Indian media. Most 'national' newspapers ignored the Rajasthan attack story and it was not worth 'prime time' on TV channels.

India is a world's biggest democracy. With a population of 1.2 billion, India has also a huge Muslim population, nearly 200 million, which is more than the population of Britain, France and Germany combined.

READFascism in India, Muslims being attacked over beef rumours all over India

Yet, the right-wing vigilantes that are part of the umbrella Sangh Parivar have managed to push Muslims to the margin. Law is there but it isn't implemented in spirit.

For example, Bajrang Dal or VHP workers may create havoc but they aren't taken to task or booked.
However, innocent Muslims are framed by police and they spend years in jail.

The 'Saffronisation' is turning India into a medieval mobocracy. For an Indian, it is painful to write, but this is the reality of today's India.

The vigilantes have the 'power' to enter any home, even an armyman's residence, kill his father after announcing from a temple loudspeaker that beef was stored in his refrigerator. The right-wing