Tuesday, June 07, 2016

India on path towards fascism: Saffron-robed Sadhvi who has never faced action for hate speeches wants country free of Muslims

When Azam Khan said that he would approach UN regarding atrocities on minorities in India, there was wide condemnation.

This was sometime ago. But now we are witnessing hate speeches that embarrass the nation on a regular basis.

Along with injustice, our image is also being affected internationally. Today, Sadhvi Prachi says that India has to be freed of Muslims.

If law fails to act and the beef killings continue, family of victims continue to be harassed, arms training camps are held and there is growing fascism, what will happen?

We are treading a very dangerous path.

 It is unfortunate that Sadhvi Prachi and leaders of her ilk don't face the law. Prachi has repeatedly spread hate, but she hasn't been brought to book.

In fact, she even said that there were terrorists in Parliament, however, even after a privilege motion was moved, she is yet to be taken to task. Clearly, law is not working in this country.

Surprisingly, after the report of hate-speech appeared, people on social media reacted that the media shouldn't report these incidents. This is even more shocking. Because it is a serious hate crime and if media doesn't report, there won't be force on authorities to act.

These are not mere speeches, they carry message, the majority and minority get used to it, it has major psychological affect, it weakens, subdues, makes the minority a real second class citizen.

Also, then, they can easily deny later that they made no speech. Hate speech is serious as it leads to communalisation. You spread poison in society, preach hatred, which prompts them to commit crimes like murder of Akhlaq. A temple makes an announcement and the father of an armyman is killed.

If we aren't learning, we are allowing the hate-mongers to get emboldened. They know that they are above the law. Or perhaps, that's their utility. They issue statements which BJP leaders won't officially say but such statements help the BJP on the ground--in spreading communalism, a head of polls.

The INDIAN EXPRESS report about Sadhvi Prachi's statement and the video.

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