Sunday, October 23, 2016

Terror in the name of Cow: Muslim man killed in police custody in Jharkhand, state remains soft on cow vigilantes

Cow vigilantes continue to spread terror across the country.

Minhaj Ansari, 22, is the latest victim of this form of terrorism.

Ansari wasn't killed for consuming or carrying meat.

He was murdered as he had shared 'objectionable photographs' of a calf on WhatsApp.

It was no offence. No FIR was registered. In any case, no court or system is needed when cow vigilantes come into the picture.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Sonu Singh informed police and soon plain-clothed personnel picked up the 22-year-old Ansari.

He was allegedly tortured in illegal detention and later died in police custody--a clear case of cop-cow vigilantes' nexus which has emerged in most parts of North India.

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The photograph above shows Ansari with his daughter. Now he is no more. Policemen initially tried to pass it off as a case of 'natural death'. There were attempts to hush up the case.

This horrific incident took place in Dighari in Jamtara district.

The post-mortem report later clearly suggested that there were injury marks.

The police station in-charge has not been arrested till now.

Sonu Singh hasn't been caught in this case either.Justice eludes the family.

Ansari's death sparked off protests.  Initially, individuals and some determined activists took up the case. 'National media' mostly ignored it.

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An exception was Indian Express, which carried the reports. Clearly, it is a case of law-and-order collapse in the Eastern state. Cow vigilantism has reached a critical stage in the country.

It seems that anyone can be lynched anywhere. Could be an armyman's father or a truck driver, a trader or a driver, a factory worker or a minor boy.

In BJP ruled Jharkhand, cow vigilantes had earlier hanged two Muslims including a minor too. [Read about the Latehar tragedy at this link]

That incident had occurred in Latehar earlier this year.

The two--Mazloom Ansari, 35, and Inmtiaz, 12, were hanged by a tree publicly.

However, even after the latest incident in Jamtar, 'mainstream' media hasn't been vocal till date.

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Not a single report of 'Jungle-Raj in Jharkhand' has appeared in headlines in the newspapers. It seems that killings over anything related to cow, have become a normal practice, and there is little outrage.

Killings continue despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rebuke to 'Gau Rakshaks'

The killings seem to have a 'sanction' in several states. Else,  how could administration act in such bizarre and partisan manner.

In a speech recently, PM Modi had said that in every state the police chief should ensure that self-styled cow vigilantes' dossiers are prepared to keep a check on those who commit crimes and claim to be 'Gau Rakshaks' i.e. Cow protectors.

Nothing is visible on the ground, till now.

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