Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Sakshi Mahraj should start his cow protection campaign with India's biggest meat exporting companies

Sakshi Maharaj, the Saffron-robed leader of Bharatiya  Janata Party (BJP), has said that he is prepared to go to any extent to protect cows.

It is admirable that the BJP leader, who is also a member of parliament (MP), has such a strong conviction, and love for cow.

Even if, his statement, that he is ready to 'kill or get killed' is not proper as per constitution, [we oppose any act of violence or inciting violence], we must be able to go beyond this and admire his passion.

I am sure, he will follow it up with actions in near future.

I hope that he would remain sincere to the cause and the top meat exporters who supply beef, would now figure on his radar. Sakshi Maharaj must be aware that India is among the leading countries as far beef export is concerned.

And, he must be aware of the names of all the top beef exporting companies in India.

The leading firm is Al Kabeer, which is owned by Sabarwals--Atul and Satish. He muts also be aware of the other leading exporters, the companies owned by the Kapoors, the Madans, the Bindras, and many others.

If not action, at least, he would speak against them--this is the least we expect from him. One hopes that an 'ascetic' would not fear the moneyed and would at least speak truth and stay true to the cause, at least, when we are talking about an issue as important as cow protection.

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