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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Sakshi Mahraj should start his cow protection campaign with India's biggest meat exporting companies

Sakshi Maharaj, the Saffron-robed leader of Bharatiya  Janata Party (BJP), has said that he is prepared to go to any extent to protect cows.

It is admirable that the BJP leader, who is also a member of parliament (MP), has such a strong conviction, and love for cow.

Even if, his statement, that he is ready to 'kill or get killed' is not proper as per constitution, [we oppose any act of violence or inciting violence], we must be able to go beyond this and admire his passion.

I am sure, he will follow it up with actions in near future.

I hope that he would remain sincere to the cause and the top meat exporters who supply beef, would now figure on his radar. Sakshi Maharaj must be aware that India is among the leading countries as far beef export is concerned.

And, he must be aware of the names of all the top beef exporting companies in India.

The leading firm is Al Kabeer, which is owned by Sabarwals--Atul and Satish. He muts also be aware of the other leading exporters, the companies owned by the Kapoors, the Madans, the Bindras, and many others.

If not action, at least, he would speak against them--this is the least we expect from him. One hopes that an 'ascetic' would not fear the moneyed and would at least speak truth and stay true to the cause, at least, when we are talking about an issue as important as cow protection.

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2. India tops the world in exporting beef. See link
3. Al Kabeer, India's leading beef exporter, is owned by Hindus. See link & link
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Rakesh said...

As always, looking at things & presenting them ONLY TO self-soothe .

Hindus consider Cow sacred. But not buffalo, bull and other bovines. ok?

Beef = meat of bovines. ok?

So, 'opposing cow slaughter' is not exactly same as 'beef produced or exported'. ok?

2+2 = 4. ok?

Agreed that politics may be going on behind beef & Cow. But sometimes it is essential to slap a fool to awaken him from his slumber where he things himself to be an Einstein. ok?

Please post this & face your own hypocrisy. ok?

editor said...

Rakesh ji,

Muslims don't slaughter cows, we are against cow slaughter. Every Muslim respects our fellow Hindu brethren's sentiments. Even at Akhlaq's house, there was no beef.

First, wrong announcement was made from temple, ghalat nahi hua? The issue is raised to create Hindu-Muslim tension. Please try to understand this. Even 'buffalo meat' is being termed as 'beef' in media and it leads to wrong impression.

Rakesh said...

Please spare me the emotional outburst of consideration of Hindu brethren's sentiments. And your posts here reflect more of your anti-BJP-ness and less of anything else. Lets admit that & proceed ahead.

Hindus are very considerate & inclusive by virtue of their very polytheistic belief. But we are not fools. The entire Indian sub-continent was Hindu. The islamic history & present is full of barbarism & conquer. Hindus do not have a history of invading & conquering & proselytizing because for us religion is more about spirituality & less about selling a product. Hindus have let every faith flourish in India even after creation of two nations from India (which were Hindu nations but converted to islam by sword). Muslims in Indian subcontinent were Hindus few generations back (you included) and now you have crossed the line & are teaching us "brotherhood with Hindus". How funny is that?

Hindus consider cows as sacred. It does not mean that we are happy with slaughtering of goats or camels. No. Its barbaric. I am a Hindu and will call the animal slaughter in the name of religion as barbaric. It happens in Hindu temples too (VERY FEW PLACES) but its wrong. I am sure you know that the animal sacrifice festival in Nepal has been recently stopped.

It is no secret that Islam & Muslims are not just non-accommodating & discriminatory but also barbaric towards non-muslims. It does not take rocket science to figure it out. Minorities in Pakistan have all but gone. Preaching of non-islamic religions is banned in the saudi. The list is long and self explanatory.

When everyone is looking at you with doubt, it requires self examination. But islam is self-certified, 100% perfect & halal, no questions asked.

Instead of justifying that it was not cow-meat but buffalo-meat or goat-meat (we will never know), better to have some shame, avoid controversies & gain confidence. Right now, Hindus of the village have made arrangements for two Muslim weddings in Bisada/Dadri. It cannot go on forever.

I would have hung my head in shame if, anywhere in the world, Hindus held placards to behead non-Hindus or chanted verses from Geeta while killing non-Hindus. I would not parrot the standard line that "They have misunderstood Hinduism".

I hope you get the idea.

Rakesh said...

So you publish only what suits you?
At least admit that your post was fundamentally flawed and was posted only because of your political preferences.
And you are an educated muslim. You don't have any idea how twisted, one sided & mentally handicapped the illiterate ghettoised majority is. To have the slightest idea, you need to step out of your 'Muslim shoes'.

Rakesh said...

Its good that you published my posts. Don't consider them as attacking or condescending towards you.

As a Hindu, let me assure you that NO ONE, not BJP, not Shiv Sena, not anyone else, can (or shall) make India into a Hindu nation where minorities are unsafe whose survival is at risk. The Hindu religion will ensure that irrespective of who is in power.

Even if India is the ONLY Hindu nation in the world, Hinduism & Hindus (including me) won't let that happen. So stop living in terror of "saffron parties". Tell that to your illiterate majority ghettoised brothers too.

At the same time, stop behaving like the camel which, given an inch, takes an ell. Don't forget that a full bogie of Hindus was burned. Don't forget the sppech of younger Owaisi. Not just " don't forget", contain it. Otherwise, it has to be contained by someone else. Respect them for doing what you should have done.

editor said...

Rakesh bhai,
Comments will definitely be published, (except those carrying abusive messages). Just that, I couldn't check the blog for a day, hence the delay.