Best of Blog in 2009

Important posts

Indian Shias: Poor politicial representation despite substantial population. Link

Homosexuality in Urdu poetry: Tolerance, liberal values in Islamic societies in the past Link

Diwali celebrations: Crackers, fireworks and nostalgia. Link

Remembering 'Daarji' and the anti-Sikh riots: 25 years after 1984. Link

Reflections on Babri Masjid demolition after Liberhan panel report. Link

Should there be more Muslims in Union cabinet? Link

Indian Muslims

Indian Muslims and Patriotism test: Cheering for cricket teams. Link

Muslim politicians pray at temples during election campaign: Is it appeasement of majority or Hindu 'tushtikaran'? Link

Less Muslim MPs but no regrets. Link

Emraan Hashmi denied a house in Mumbai: What government can do to stop ghettoisation. Link

Communal harmony

Muslim family marries off Hindu daughter into Sharma family. Link

Muslim youths take out rally for return of Kashmiri Pandits. Link

Communal harmony: Muslim shop,  Hindu god. Link

Muslims-RSS leaders meet, discuss issues in Uttar Pradesh. Link

Muslim clergy

Azamgarh Ulema charter special train to protest defaming the town, linking it to terror. Link

Indian Ulema's commendable stand on Yoga. Link

Failure of Waqf Boards in protecting properties. Link


Do Indian elections matter to Pandit ji and Aslam. Link

The child who sells 'chana jor garam'. Link

International issues

Jews suffered holocaust, now inflict the same on Palestinians. Link

Ban on headscarf in Indian college Vs British police. Link


9 Hindi speakers shot dead, 16 policemen killed: The truth of terrorism. Link

Falsehoods about Terrorism: 'Islamic', 'un-Islamic' extremists, Indian Muslims and Media. Link

Assam, Hubli blasts: Arrest of Nagraj and the other form of 'terror'. Link

No tears for 15 policemen killed by Maoists. Link


Tea shops in India are shrinking and vanishing. Link

Remembering Habib Tanvir and his famous play Agra Bazaar. Link

Chillas of Hazrat Ghaus: Islamic shrines in Deccan. Link

Magical 'Madhubala': India's most beautiful film actress. Link

Shia-Sunni blackboards in a Lucknow bylane. Link

Tatya Tope was hanged today: Remembering the hero of first war of freedom in 1857. Link

Hindu motorcycle, Muslim hand. Link

The street vendor's intelligence network. Link

A Jinnah in Indian Parliament: Shocked? Link

Gas tragedy: Special series of stories on Bhopal Gas Disaster

1. Horrors of Bhopal gas tragedy: The biggest industrial disaster in the world. Link

2. Injustice with victims, indifference towards survivors: Politicians lobby for Dow chemicals. Link

3. Crusader for gas victims: The truth of Bhopal gas tragedy and its aftermath. Link