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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Muslim Shop, Hindu God: Communal Harmony Project-11

Come summer and cane juice stalls are seen at every nook and corner in most cities across the country.

Coming home I heard a woman from the basti near my house yell at other women, 'Maulana ki dukan tak ja rahi hun' (I am going to Maulana's shop.

That's the Ganne ke Ras [Cane juice] shop. The shop's name was interesting--Sai Baba. The person managing the shop had a skullcap on and was wearing the kurta pyjama. Maulana Sahab appears quite liberal, I thought. Though it's not unusual. Just like there are Hindus and Sikhs going to tombs, graves and dargahs, many Muslims do revere Hindu saints as well.

A couple of days later I was again passing by the shop and had a look from the other angle. The photo of Sai Baba's idol in Shirdi was placed by the side of the machine. Now I was getting more interested.

On an off day, I stopped at the thela and asked the guy. Raja ji told me that it was Maulana's shop and he was a partner with Maulana. "That's no issue. I told him that I would like to have a photograph of Saibaba and brought it here."

"It works. The sale is up and we will earn much more than previous years.", says Raja. They were too busy and after a while I finished my glass and left.

This is not the first time I have seen such a shop. In auto-rickshaws [and buses] one often finds 'Jai Mata Di' and an Islamic calligraphic side by side.

Often the owner belongs to one community and the driver belongs to the other community. But neither has any problem with the belief of other person.

Amid the electoral din and endless debates over communalism and secularism, it seems apt to write a post on how harmoniously ordiary Indians go about their lives.

They work, they worship and they do have the real wisdom [more than the comparitively highly educated who are often less tolerant] which is the strength of our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society.

[Harmony exists all around us but is often ignored. Instead, stories of hate, discord and communalism get spread easily.

There are a million examples in our daily lives across India but they don't get promoted, hence, news of hate and discord gets heard more. Let's change it, now. This is a small attempt to change it through Communal Harmony Project]

For reading similar reports on this blog, Click the link HERE and also find out more about Communal Harmony Project

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Amitabh said...

I'm feeling happy....:-)

How do we know said...

my father(a non Muslim) has a Muslim partner. On the opening day of the business, both forms of prayers were held. No one thought it was any big deal. The fact that cases like this have become examples says a lot about the tarnishing of the secular fabric.

JaLpArI said...

i have seen such things too.. and trust me it feels gr8!

but, wat saddens me is that some ppl wudn believe it if i say that 'it feels gr8'..

Pinku said...


loved the secular business idea...just a small correction. Sai Baba was born and died a muslim..not that it matters at all.

Isma said...

Sort of reminds me of what we do in Dubai. I am a Pakistani and have loads of Indian friends on 14th august they wear green colored clothes in support of Pakistani Independence and on 15th august Pakistanis wear blue colored clothes in support of Indian independence.

Go to each others house on Diwali/Eid with sweets and gifts. And when someone Muslim is going for Umrah our Hindu friends will be the first one to say "Meray liye zaroor dua karna".

It's always great to see and meet open-minded tolerant people, makes each day even more blissful.

Chris said...
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Anonymous said...

An "inclusive society "is one in which people of different faiths have mutual regard for the others' faith and believe in "peaceful coexistence"! At times some chrlatan might trigger communal clashes.However, ere;long they rejoin and regale.Poet Iqbal has ncely put it:"Mowjoanki tarah ladow par ek raho"!(Like the waves in the ocaen fight among yourselves but stay put in the ocean!)
No power on earth ca divide us, Indian Hindus, Muslims, christians,
Sikhs, Parsees,Jains,Buddhists
and Jews. Jai hind!

saima said...

i posted a comment, i wonder why it hasnt been published.

Kundan said...

Will the TRP hungry 24*7 news channels ever cover any such type of a thing in any of their programs. They wont as it doesnt make for a sensational story, why, because its all part of the ganga jamuni culture of our great nation.

Go to Sidhi Vinayak temple and you have muslim shopkeepers selling flowers and prasad , similarly go to haji ali dargah or to azmer sharif, you have hindus selling flowers and the offerings wali tokri. What else better description than this is needed to show the truly secular charecter of this great nation.

If only those blood sucking politicians could understand it with their rabbit nut sized brains.

indscribe said...

@ Amitabh ji, good to make you happy :)

@ HDWK: Correct, ideally there should not be so big deal about such gestures.

@ Jalpari: Ya, if someone really disbelieves, and there are such people, we can really do nothing about them.

@ Pinku: You are right about Sai Baba. It's almost like Kabir. He was also a Muslim but his followers, who call themselves Kabirpanthi and are mostly spread in Chhattisgarh and parts of UP, are mostly Hindus.

@ Isma: That's really great to hear about Indians and Pakistanis in the Gulf. Hope others are also reading it. I think photographs of such events should be published on sites and blogs.

@ Kundan ji, Anon: Thanks

@ Saima: I'm really sorry I didn't find the comment. I checked in blogger and just to ensure that I had not deleted it mistaken, I also checked my email where I get the comments in mail, but there also I couldn't find it. Probably it couldn't get posted or may be! Its upsetting I know but hope you will post it again :)

saima said...

thats weird.
anyways...i wanted to say that my mother's family is Hindu and my father's side is Muslim, its been 20 something years i have been living with them, but never have i encountered any instance of not being able to tolerate each other because of the religion. I have never been told to chose sides and neither have any of the religious thoughts imposed on me. In fact i can proudly say i have best of both the worlds!! I celebrate Eid/Diwali/Holi etc with equal enthusiasm (and get lots of gifts too besides everything else lol!!)

well my point is, the religious divides are being drilled into the gullible minds by the so-called leaders of our country. I see no reason why all the religions cannot exist peacefully. In fact, as far as my knowledge of both the religions go, they have the same essence i.e. to be a good human being first. How difficult is that!!
i have a blog entry too on a similar thought.

Isma said...

@ indscribe

Some tabloids in the U.A.E have done positive stuff like an article was published I think in 2007 during the 14th and 15th August independence rather than talking about other issues they focused on Indians and Pakistani who have wed each other.

May God bless both the countries.

parulandme said...
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JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Salaam Sir, i've linked this post to a post in my blog. please let me know if i am not allowed to link it or something like dat...
am sorry in that case. my post was bout a pic i found showin how indians stand as one in spite of difrnt religions. http://almasshamim.blogspot.com/2009/04/incredible-ndia.htmlaapke is post ka khayal aaya to i linked.

oracle_22 said...

yes this is the reality, we can get these things in every part of india.
in bihar there are muslim families who celebrate Chhath Pooja with same respect as hindus do, and on other side there are sarswat brahmins (commonly known as bhumihars)take part in muharram.

but brother u hav said that the raja saheb had accepted "that it works and sales are up..." if it is just a business trick we shud avoid it,
there are politicians who try to raise their vote bank in the name of temple and others in the name of .. what is the difference between these two

Homequran.com said...

i posted a comment, i wonder why it hasnt been published.


Bhavesh said...

I read the blog and the comments ,good feeling this communal harmony but there is something else behind the line , between the lines , i dont know about others but i feel it i have been feeling it strongly since long . Its desperation that why , why do we do it ? Gujrat , Maharahtra , Ayodhaya ..its sad but its there you play cricket with a friend in the evening and suddenly next morning you get the news that you have been involuntarily recruited by fanatics in some Dharm Raksha Campaign or maybe a Jehad .. and god we get confused what to do , do we have that moral strength , courage to stand up and say NO ..!! Yes we do have it but .. still we slip and let it happen , we do it we who live in AC homes and shop in malls let it happen and feel bad at the 9'o clock news.
I am SAD big time , my whole life looks meaningless , as if i were a thief , a sinner who knows Gods looking and still continues with his deeds . It wont help it gotta stop.
Just some more food for thought i am a born Hindu , serving in the Army I dine in the Officers Mess where the mess havildar is a Muslim , it is Ramdan and he is fasting but he takes care of my meals at times standing in the kitchen and ensuring that the dal is just like my mom makes at home . There is this guy Iqbal who makes food for about 300 guys (no religion one colour ) he's been fasting but gets up at 4'o clock so that my men get hot breakfast at 6' o clock . Then we do what we did in Gujrat where do I hide , my head hangs in shame .. !!

learningquranonline said...

i posted some comments but they were not published dont know why

quran online said...

I read the blog and the comments ,good feeling this communal harmony but there is something else behind the line , between the lines , i dont know about others but i feel it i have been feeling it strongly since long . learn quran

KING-slave of Allah said...

// many Muslims do revere Hindu saints as well.//


traps of shaitan,

this is nothing but shirk....

Allah will never forgive shirk....

death by hunger is much better than praising Idols or man.

thats why muhammad saw said ...

knowledge is necessary for everymuslim.



arya vishnu said...


Anonymous said...