Best of Blog in 2011

Important posts

Sorry I don't need Muslim leadership, non-Muslim leaders do better job. Read
Indian Muslims must avoid street protests. Read
Firing in Forbesganj: Police brutality kills four in Bihar. Read
Media's astonishing softness on Sanatan Sanstha: Terror convicts termed as servants! Read


Eternal suspects: Mistreating Kashmiri youths in other parts of India must stop. Read
Patriotism or Petty Politics: BJP's plan to hoist flag at Lal Chowk. Read

Muslim issues

Indian Bohras: Muslim sect's emergence as a vibrant community. Read
Shia community focus on acquiring political clout, to carve a distinct identity. Read

Communal harmony

Pind-daan ritual for MF Husain and his soul's salvation by Hindus in Bihar Read,
'Ganesha on Muslim couples' marriage invitation card.' Read


East India Company solider who turned into a sufi saint: Killed by Indians, Revered by Indians. Read
Sindhi language newspapers gasping for breath (survival) in India. Read
Watching A Circus: Getting entertained but returning sad. Read
Clock Tower built by father in son's memory in Lucknow. Read


Hidden Heritage: Finding this Shia shrine in UP. Read
Calcutta 1911 and Ismail Merathi's Urdu primer. Read


Arjun Singh stood by Muslims, spoke for them. Read
Peace Party's growth in Uttar Pradesh. Read
Continuing print media boom in India defied international trends. Read

Positive stories, women power

Muezzin's daughter is national hockey team captain. Read
Muslim girls breaking tradition and contesting students' union election in AMU. Read


Enchanting couplets recited at Mushairas enthrall audiences. Read
We haven't forgotten you, Ishrat Sahab. Read
'Buy Urdu newspaper' campaign in Kolkata. Read


Some travelogues that included pieces on Lucknow. First about 'Blogging from Lucknow: The romance of Rumi Gate then about 'Clock towers of Awadh', Wandering from Aminabad to Hazratganj, Culture of non-vegetarian street food in India 'Bun-Kebabs and street food'.

Or the post on the huge 'Chaubara', a Clock tower-cum-watchtower in Karnataka's Bidar. There was a post on Kanpur, 'Ganges and Greenery but no Gazelles'[Read].


Though I focused a lot on cricket in the earlier posts like the articles on memories of the world cups of cricket from the first such even in 1975 [Read and Read] to Zaheer Khan's sporting journey [Read] & Azamgarh throws up a hero [Read] but in latter part of the year I couldn't keep the tempo.