Best posts on this blog in 2014-15

This blog has been running for over a decade now. In the past, I used to write an annual post on selected posts written throughout the year.

I liked doing it because sometimes I was always surprised to see what I had written during the course of year--articles that I had almost forgotten and posts that had got really good traffic and response.

For the last couple of years, this exercise was discontinued. Here is the list of some of the selected posts for the years 2014 and 2015.

INTERNATIONAL ISSUES-ISLAMIC WORLD. I wrote several articles about Islamic world and introspective posts about Muslims this year:

Crisis in Islamic world: Clergy has failed, Muslims desperately need statesmen now. Read

Growing sectarianism among Indian Muslims: Criticising other sects, terming practices as 'un-Islamic'. Read

Lowest number of Muslims in Parliament: Just 22 or 4%, none from UP. Read

Irony for Israel: When world calls Israel a 'Nazi state'. Read

Our intolerance towards 'outsiders: We are elated when Indians grab top posts in other countries but can't tolerate people from other states. Read

ON CONGRESS, CRITICISM OF THE PARTY. Though the blog has taken a left-centre line, when I go back I find myself criticising Congress' too often. There were many such strong posts.

Hashimpura massacre, major communal riots took place during Congress rule. Read

Arrogant, Apathetic Congress bites the dust in Maharashtra, finally. Read

An Indian Muslim's letter to Congress: I'm not a BJP supporter but glad at Congress' defeat. Read

Congress' indifference to Saffron siege in Mangalore, coastal Karnataka. Read

Why Muslims don't vote for Congress, not willing to consider it as 2nd & 3rd option either. Read

POLITICS. 2014 was election year, hence, there were many posts on other political parties like JDU & AAP about issues pertaining to secularism and communalism.

Mamata Bannerjee reins in VHP, stops Pravin Togadia from entering WB. Read

Tilak, Topi in politics: People don't want Hindu politicians to wear topi, Muslim leader to sport tilak. Read

How media turned Nitish Kumar from hero to villain within months. Read

AAP victory in Delhi broke a psychological barrier. Read

BJP's rise in Indian politics: From 2 to 282 seats in 30 years. Read

Just 2.5% Muslims, yet Betul was considered safe seat for Muslims for decades. Read

On Terrorism. There were many articles on this subject and role of media in covering terrorist attacks within India and outside.

When media terms a terrorist attack as 'ambush'. Read

Terrorists on Rebel: Bodo 'miliants' kill 70 in Assam. Read

Media's excessive, hysteric coverage of Australia hostage crisis created worldwide panic. Read

Media and national security: How Manipur blast is viewed different from Bardhaman blast. Read

Media's surprising 'softness' towards Maoists: Even terms like 'extremists' and 'radicals' not used. Read

On Urdu language and literature. Also, about the language politics and discrimination with the language in Uttar Pradesh.

Now an entire Urdu library accessible on your cell phone. Read

Urdu must get its constitutional rights in UP, amend discriminatory law in UP. Read

ON COMMUNALISM. Rising bigotry & spread of online hate concern everyone. Trolling and abusing on the internet has become a major phenomenon in recent years.

Cyber bullying: Online arguments about religion and Twitter Trolls' strategy. Read

When person abusing your faith, turns out to be your co-religionist. Read

Misusing social media to fan communalism in society: WhatsApp, Facebook messages leading to riots. Read

OFF-BEAT. Stories like the photo feature on Muharram that shows unique cultural practices and interesting, inspiring stories.

Muharram in India: Mourning for Imam Husain in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh. Read

The lost world of spy fiction in Urdu: Akram Allahabadi's novels are back. Read

Mango mania in Awadh: For 'aam' lovers, t is not 'summer' but 'mango season'. Read

Schoolgirl writes to CM, gets road constructed to her village. Read

Bano Bi loves to fight elections, contesting for the 12th time. Read

Great social reformers: The roaming revolutionary saint Gadge Baba. Read

COMMUNAL HARMONY. This blog has always pitched for communal harmony. Stories about instances of inter-faith amity and secularism.

Hindus, Muslims, Christians join hands to celebrate Ganeshotsava. Read

Diwali celebrations in Pakistan: Politicians reaching out to minorities. Read

Chacha Chaudhary and secularism: How comics inculcated secular values among children. Read

Spreading humanism respect for other religions through children's magazines. Read

Holi Mubarak: Celebration of Holi on Urdu newspaper front page. Read

Now religious clocks: Will you buy a 'Hindu clock' or a 'Muslim clock'? Read