Friday, December 09, 2022

Stop right-wing bullies, stand with victims: Congress, secular parties must ask their wings and workers to get to streets against injustice

By Shams Ur Rehman Alavi 

1. I respect Mr Jairam Ramesh sb but he blamed parties like AAP and AIMIM for Congress' defeat though Majlis fought very few seats & didn't harm Congress.

2. No party has right to all votes, many parties are needed. Sometime voter wants VOICE, ALLY, not win. NSUI, YC, didn't stand with us when bulldozers came. They dont stand in front of BD, VHP 

3. It's not correct to blame others. In state after state, when not accused but victim's houses targeted after making false claims, people hoped Congress workers would come, make human chain, stand in front, at least, show support and resistance. But no stand, not even PCC statement

READ: Stop calling parties 'vote cutters', more parties better for democracy

4. You must ask all the wings ranging from NSYI to YC, Women's wing to Sewa Dal, and numerous others that why they don't show confidence, hold demo, give memo, claim streets, show that they have concern. If there are demos, they are just for cameras. Plz ask them to get active.

5. It is not mere victory that is sufficient. There are factors ranging from society's psychology, impact on masses, narrative, the perception, use and misuse of media, hold on streets and giving impression that you too have certain power. If secular parties don't work on these aspects, it's of no use.

NOTE: Earlier posts were not about one particular Muslim party, rather, it was about Tamil Nadu model and parties ranging from TMMK to IUML, INL to SDPI and Welfare Party. Kindly stop being obsessed with AIMIM and believing that everything in the world is about those who are either with AIMIM or against it. 

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Stop calling parties 'Vote cutters': More political parties are better for democracy and also for India, Indian Muslims

By Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

It's time to stop calling parties 'vote cutters'. In Central India, Gondwana party, GMS & JAYS don't have MLAs but have workers.

After custodial death or atrocity, come to street, hold demo, give memo, put pressure, ensure action. Better than having dumb MLAs. Parties needed, even if they don't win elections, they must be around as voice of different and diverse sections of people.  

There are two separate things. First is winning, getting equal share in power. That's just a dream, no major party ready to speak for you or give representation. Hence, at least, have the power to fight for rights, basic dignity and own voice. 

The old narrative that just defeat a party or stand behind another is not smart enough, you need many parties, not the ones that remain mum and teach nothing to Muslim cadre, not even letting them issue statements.

Read the points to understand:

1. "We're powerful enough to let our people commit atrocities, get them freed & felicitate them, managing every tool in the system". If someone even thinks in this way, what'd you feel? Bad. But it has not just been thought about.

2. That was the message, which was sent through actions, statements, dog whistles, media, social media. Don't many people want this power! So they do vote in accordance . 'Even our (sic) criminals' must be supported?

3. Call it heinous or horrific but they are honest about it. They 'promised' this, reminded about past and teaching lesson.

4. They said we will continue to dominate and crush rest at will. People aren't concerned about morality, but want feel of power as a community. Gives a high.

5. People of Gujarat have again voted for BJP, overwhelmingly. Nothing wrong, they want status quo & not enthused by Opposition parties' promises.

6. If majority feels that Muslims are so many & a party, might of state, needed to give them support, comfort, security, its okay. Their choice.

7. The important point to learn is that calling any party 'B team' or Team C is not at all advisable. In democracy, party fights and represents a section, its voice, has cadre on street.

8. In central India, JAYS and Gondwana parties don't have MLAs but have workers who at least hold demo, give memo and ensure compensation to victim by pursuing case of custodial death or atrocity on person of their community.

9. It raises your voice, news also gets published, officers are made to take cognizance and act. So power balance remains. It's not about just winning and losing but fighting and having cadre.

10. 'Vote cutter' or 'vote katwa' terms must not be used. More the number of parties, better for democracy. 

Photo courtesy: Abdul Rabbani, Pexels

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Hail or Wail: What Ravish Kumar's resignation, exit from NDTV means for journalism, reaction of society and devotees?

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

1. Good, unbiased TV anchors must get due respect. But don't make demigods or form cult. Everything is not so simple either. Forget 2008 reporting or movements, not raising Qns on certain things, not showing other side's view in past, channel's role in getting victims, framed, is of course not one person's responsibility.

2. Organisation have been used in a way to give impression of 'functioning system' and allowing certain things up to a point. One programme is fine but the content pushed throughout the day on its websites and channel is often different. If just recent past of one individual gives hope, its great. 

3. But if a man did 80% things good, did not take stand on FIVE most crucial incidents of two decades that had huge bearing and led to demonizing of entire groups, were instead hushed up, how would you rate him? Okay forget past, recent past is great? Fine, let's hail, do 'jay jaykaar'. Look forward, what they do in future. Don't be a devotee. All the best but no need to worship or wail. 

4. Media doesn't work in a transparent manner. You watch one programme and feel the group is doing great. You forget, how, the same group has been doing strange things through its website or Youtube channel that you never even bother to check or properly monitor or what other things it does because one programme covers up a lot.

5. Individual's role different. If he stood up to those in power & allowed the victim's parents to speak, show the real postmortem report when teenagers were shot dead after propaganda that forced everyone to believe their involvement in an act and allowed other side's view, we will praise. Be just, get praise. In future too. But bhakti? No.

6. I will respect you because you are better than many others. But if a boy was killed in Lucknow and instantly your programme and reporter under your program, terms him 'aa&anki' without even a probe begun, trial or verdict, even before FIR filed, how can you be gold standard or 24 carat?

7. Its a masterly created system. It creates opposition too with an aim. It makes a professor appear criminal and no anchor raises question on police theory. That's crucial point. Can you return the years he spent, the time in jail? That reporter later gets award for journalism. Numerous others too got framed and their family never given opportunity to speak up and tell about their woes or what they faced.

8. I can't share media industry secrets but the guests you call for discussion, the diversity, the names and surnames, the minority community puppet propped up day after day, wearing two piece with a design to give clean chit to fascists, appears on your channel and his image created. Let's see what happens next. 

9. Change is the only thing that is permanent. We welcome change as it gives more opportunity to all. If one side gets powerful, other side too emerges in a different way. We've to see if you've commitment to resist and speak against real majoritarian beliefs at key junctures when you see emotion among 'most'. 

Not hinting at Pune case, Mumbai, Azamgarh, Batla House or Prof Gilani, many real crucial ones.

10. If you can't allow people who were framed, remained in cells, whose lives destroyed and their kids couldn't even attend last rites but in those circumstances you can't take stand that because of this system, it's fine. Nothing remains at peak, always. New resistance emerges. 

I hope new & alternative, better media emerges. This traditional media has died a natural death.  Let all independent scribes do real journalism & speak truth to power. If they do that without any exception, no caveat, they will get total support and would be hailed. All the best. But, no bhakti.

Monday, November 21, 2022

MYSTERY: Do you know population of Brahmins in India in crores, extrapolate on Census data

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

Do you know what's the exact percentage of Brahmins in the country?

Among the Upper Castes, Brahmins are the biggest group, numerous. In crores. But how many?

Last census that recorded it was in 1931. Extrapolation? 

Some say even Bhumihars got themselves recorded in 1931 census as Brahmins in Bihar. 

India is huge. Now almost 140 crore.

Over last 90 years some communities have grown faster, others grew slower.

We've statistics but only question is that is the Brahmin population of India more than population of Spain or just less than Germany's population.

Any guess--5 or 8 crore? Actually, it is not at all tough to come to a figure. Just statisticians can find out and take us. Extrapolating the Census figures and the population data that is available in public domain, it is easy to find that it is nearly 6.5 crore.

The Caste Census never took place though exercise on similar lines took place in Karnataka but findings and files are biting dust. Also, Madhya Pradesh had a sort of enumeration recently. Bihar has also decided to go ahead with Caste Census.

The count of Bhumihars has to be taken apart. The population and percentage of increase has to be studied. The other communities in Savarna or Forward Caste or Upper Caste groups include Vaishya i.e. Bania [Baniya or Banias] and Thakur or Rajput. 

Kayastha community is less than one percent now. Kayasthas origin and their place in varna system has many theories. However, as far as Pundits or Brahmins are concerned, the safe figure is just a bit less than six crores, and Uttar Pradesh [UP] having highest population of Brahmins compared to other states.

Some feel that Brahmins are not doing as good. However, the reality is that of early movers' advantage. Brahmins were ahead and hence it is very difficult for a community to keep growing always when they are already advanced, because other groups too move ahead and there is upward mobility.

Ours is a complex society. But it is not that Brahmins are doing badly either. The population of Brahmins, their numbers are also significant in India. Besides, they are still many times more in higher positions, than other social groups. So it’s not that easy to term it as doing too great or bad. It's in between.

Tipu Sultan: Great king who fought, defeated British and thus right-wing groups oppose him

By Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

Tipu Sultan, Sher-e-Mysore is among India's greatest kings and the only ruler apart from his father Hyder Ali, who defeated the British owned East India Company.

Those who had no hero in 18th, 19th century & their ancestors or groups didn't fight British, played no part in movements during freedom struggle but allied with British, will have problem with Sher-e-Mysore.

If only he'd got real support from Nizam & Marathas or other native states, EIC won't have been able to take over India. 

Unfortunately, even in North India and Rajasthan [Rajputana], no state went against the British.

East India Company exploited, looted, destroyed economy, causing famines & millions of Indians died. For 200 yrs Indians subjugated, mistreated on own land. Tipu Sultan alone fought & defeated British, then got martyred in battlefield.

Sultan e Shaheed, Fateh Ali Tipu Sultan still gives nightmares to people two centuries after his death. There is no bigger hero in the subcontinent in the last 300 years. Hence, he is remembered, loved and his role in independence struggle of India, is unparalleled.

For the right-wing, there is no such personality. The kings and other rulers compromised, succumbed or allied with the British, let alone fight. Hence, unable to digest the heroics and greatness of Tipu and his bravery, the right wingers try to target him, raise non issues, make false claims, allegations and oppose him in frustration. But this history can't be changed. Tipu's greatness can't be challenged. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Two tribals lynched in Madhya Pradesh: Duo beaten to death over suspicion that they were in possession of beef

In a gruesome incident, two tribals were killed by a group of right-wing radicals in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. 

Suspecting that the tribals were carrying beef and were involved in cow slaughter, the assailants beat them up. 

As a result, two persons--Dhan Shah Inwati and Sampat Batti died while the third got critically injured. This is yet another incident in which Hindus were killed over suspicion of possessing beef and cow slaughter. 

Though mostly Muslims are targeted, there have been some incidents in the past when Hindus were attacked and lost their lives due to cow vigilantes or right-wing groups' attacks. The clipping of Dainik Bhaskar has been attached.

After the incident, the national highway was blocked. Agitated tribal community demanded action in the case. Some of the suspects have been identified and detained. The police said that efforts are on to catch the absconders. Investigation is on in the case. 

Friday, January 07, 2022

Forgotten letters in Devanagari: How Hindi script is losing its alphabets, consonants due to multiple reasons

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

It is an issue that I wanted to write about, for a long time. 

How the alphabets that are part of the main Hindi script, which are present in each primer, are not only made redundant but nearly forgotten. 

I clicked this photograph due to a particular reason. It is a house that still has Shankar written in original style, not anuswar, but with ङ i.e. ṅ 'ang' or 'anga', a nearly forgotten consonant along with others.

Till 1965, devanagari script was quite different, now many letters lost or mispronounced. ङ, ॡ, ञ, the two-ऋ & ॠ, ळ, ज्ञ [Jn] I clicked this photo because I doubt, a few years later, I would ever get to see this again. 

Interestingly, we had a Sanskrit teacher who forced us to mispronounce ङ. She insisted that this was just a variation of 'D' and should be read as ड़. When I tried to explain, she got so angry that she started giving me less than 50% marks in every test and exam.

She blatantly did it. It was like, how dare a student point out something to her. For three years, she remained angry with me though I had very politely said that 'we were taught this, and it is not ड़, which is just like the set of letters D, DH, etc that take these forms when dot is below them--ढ becomes ढ़  and ड becomes ड़, and these must not be confused with ङ.

But, then it's monarchy in schools too. The only Hindi word that is written using it is now, वाङ् मय. It is interesting if you go through old Hindi texts, I have an Atlas that wrote all the Chinese cities and their names using this consonant.

There are certain words were 'ang' can't be replaced by (.), yet it happens. This is because of the people in printing business, typesetting and modern systems, also about 'ease'. It's a long discussion but here it was just a brief post. Remaining is left for 'vidwans', I am a student and rest my case, put a full stop here.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

How Hindi newspapers suppress minorities' voices: Expressing grievance is made an undesirable act through twisted headlines

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

This post is about the systematic manner in which Hindi newspapers throttle minorities' voices and even a genuine expression of grievance is given a twist and those voicing concern are made to appear as fundamentalists.

It is a clever system and this news report published on January 6 in Dainik Bhaskar, is being cited just as an example. 

Rather than raising a question on why 'Surya Namaskar' is again and again being forced on the students in educational institutes and schools, the entire story goes about Muslim board that has given a statement on this issue.

As far as physical activity was concerned, there was always PT or physical training period and teachers for it. Then, there were sports. Also, you can offer yoga. But forcing students to something more--Surya Namaskar, is pointless.

Schools are meant for studies but instead of focus on improvement on educational standards or better facilities, it is mostly these things that we hear about. The lack of infrastructure, strength of faculty and other key issues need to be addressed, more. 

If physical activity is needed, then sports and PT are enough. Others can go for yoga depending on their choice. In fact, even if someone wants they can perform Surya Namaskar, though there is no need to enter such things into public schools where children belonging to different faiths study.

However, the headline and choice of words is such that it shows Muslim community as 'stubborn', and 'not agreeing to it', rather than questioning the motive and the decision to force 'Surya Namaskar. Interesting, other states have also pushed for 'bhojan mantra' and similar other activities in schools. 

In schools, children belonging to all religions study. And, there is no need to put one religion and its practices ahead of others. It's as simple as that--keep religion in homes. State has no business promoting just one religion and its practices, even if it may appear 'part of culture' to adherents of this faith. 

Over the last two decades, the state governments too have been making such attempts, repeatedly. In Islam, it is forbidden to bow before anyone except Almighty, and so there is no question of bowing before a celestial object. 

The simple point is that there should be focus on studies, schools and the education staff, but children are made to do things that are not about education but other aspects. Just because school has hundreds of children and any event that has students, can become a TV show because of large gathering, they are chosen as 'testing grounds' for the political and other aims. 

The role of media is questionable. The board has just issued a statement, not a firman or a fatwa that the media terms it. Each Muslim reacts individually and know well about their believes, even though the attempts are to put impressionable kids in a situation of moral conflict--faith on one side and school staff's pressure on the other hand. 

But the papers present it as if Muslims are stubborn, always opposing and react like robots to their organisations. It's all incorrect. The papers present the issue totally differently--it's their board game, they set it and then force you to play on their pitch.

Each day they inject a lot in minds, divide society through their clever insertions & twists. Politicians come much later, the crop is first sown here, then harvested. See in your own cities, it is done so subtly, so cleverly to modulate minds.

The sanest people, when they read such reports, feel that Muslims are being unreasonable. Because it doesn't hit them that the actual story is about something else. For, at least, thirty years, the vernacular papers have been doing it, as long as I remember. 

Entire generations have grown up reading these cleverly worded stories and the twisted arguments. People with the most clear minds, get confused, as news presented in a way, as if 'Muslims have problem with everything'. Can the society see this game!

Sunday, January 02, 2022

How media uses unverified information and wild 'claims' to demonise people, leading to arrests: Islamophobia in Indian Journalism

This is a textbook case for students of journalism that how unverified information leads to severe action against people and how youth get framed and arrested.

This incident happened a few months ago--in August, 2021. A video had appeared on social media, with the claim about youth raising certain slogans and without completion of any inquiry or even forensic report, it was duly believed that the 'claim' was correct.

Much before, trial and judge giving a verdict, the papers publish and pass the claims off as absolute truth, without any mention of words like 'claim' or 'allegedly' or even bothering to approach other side to take response of those who are being demonized and blamed.

Even if someone says 'Amir Khan Zindabad' or 'Amit Bhan Zindabad', and the video is played fast, and the claim can be made that the people were raising 'some other slogan', then your ears can mislead you unless you are really careful.

But, the Hindi newspapers in Madhya Pradesh, accepted the 'claim' as headline, getting judgmental and believing that what was being claimed by certain person(s) about these youths' slogans, was correct without any verification. 

Though it has occurred in the past that claims of a 'certain slogan' raised, is used to divert attention and frame people and demonise a group or event. If you read these reports, you find that the newspapers didn't quote anyone and straight gave verdict that these chants were 'anti-national'.

Due to such irresponsible reporting and splashing the claims as 'judgment' by paper, there is pressure on administration and it creates public opinion. Hence, police too promptly register cases. People are booked under harsh sections, arrested and jailed, sometimes remaining incarcerated for months and years because of the manner in which papers create scare.

The reader who have immense faith in newspaper, don't have doubt as they feel papers always write 'verified' information. But this is not the case, always. 

In fact, the organisations that are dubbed 'fringe' in media, are the ones who have such sympathisers in news rooms that any weird claim by these orgs, are immediately accepted. For decades, this 'system' is in place and such irresponsible reporting, continues to affect families. 

How even your ears play trick

In one incident, they were chanting 'Wajid Nisaar zindabad', in UP. But when a claim is made about a controversial slogan, then those listening too felt that it could be that controversial slogan. Amid rush, video voice often makes you too believe it. 'Qazi Usman' or 'Qazi sahab' said in speed, turns into something 'else'.

The line when repeated, in unison, and at a fast speed, indeed creates confusion, due to crowd and background music. Unfortunately, such is the barrage of misinformation and  propaganda, that the sanest person would not be ready to believe that it is something else. That's power of propaganda.

That has become a system. Those close friends and persons I really trusted in journalism, who were totally unbiased I know, even they got in doubt. So, anyway. See all such cases, so don't presume guilt, proper probe, voice analysis, fast probe. 

And remember, all papers, without even talking to locals,  exactly believe the 'accusers' and without giving a thought or talking to locals, people, who are named, publish the reports. Any similar name, term in this mould, can be claimed as 'that' slogan. 

Sometimes there is tampering too and words inserted, as it happened in Delhi in the past. Papers don't and can't publish 'audio', video. They don't even say, 'allegedly chanted' or 'claims of certain slogan' but just accept any such claim as truth. It's the dark, dirty world of journalism.


1. At least, mention that this is a 'claim'

2. When you write, do mention 'allegedly', because it is someone's claim and you aren't aware

3. There is no investigation initiated, yet, let alone completion and case hasn't gone to court, remember this when you write, you can't cook up stories sitting in office, based on third person's wild claims

4. Who is making the claim must be mentioned. You can't treat orgs that are involved in moral policing to, appear as saintly. Making allegation as serious as calling someone 'anti-national' can destroy lives, so be careful

5. Be a responsible journalist, don't act irresponsibly. Because, it affects families and your own prestige too is at stake.