Friday, December 09, 2022

Stop right-wing bullies, stand with victims: Congress, secular parties must ask their wings and workers to get to streets against injustice

By Shams Ur Rehman Alavi 

1. I respect Mr Jairam Ramesh sb but he blamed parties like AAP and AIMIM for Congress' defeat though Majlis fought very few seats & didn't harm Congress.

2. No party has right to all votes, many parties are needed. Sometime voter wants VOICE, ALLY, not win. NSUI, YC, didn't stand with us when bulldozers came. They dont stand in front of BD, VHP 

3. It's not correct to blame others. In state after state, when not accused but victim's houses targeted after making false claims, people hoped Congress workers would come, make human chain, stand in front, at least, show support and resistance. But no stand, not even PCC statement

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4. You must ask all the wings ranging from NSYI to YC, Women's wing to Sewa Dal, and numerous others that why they don't show confidence, hold demo, give memo, claim streets, show that they have concern. If there are demos, they are just for cameras. Plz ask them to get active.

5. It is not mere victory that is sufficient. There are factors ranging from society's psychology, impact on masses, narrative, the perception, use and misuse of media, hold on streets and giving impression that you too have certain power. If secular parties don't work on these aspects, it's of no use.

NOTE: Earlier posts were not about one particular Muslim party, rather, it was about Tamil Nadu model and parties ranging from TMMK to IUML, INL to SDPI and Welfare Party. Kindly stop being obsessed with AIMIM and believing that everything in the world is about those who are either with AIMIM or against it.