Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Indian Muslims are a forward community, ahead on social indicators: Exposing media's false propaganda regarding 'backwardness'


The Indian Muslims are a forward looking community. 

There is no doubt about it that despite challenges, Indian Muslims have moved ahead and progressed. 

Less in government jobs and lacking in resources, yet, Indian Muslims have established themselves in all spheres and all the fields. 

Quite often, we hear the term 'backward' linked to Muslims without any statistics or documentary proof.

In fact, on social indicators and as far as social evils and other regressive practices in society are concerned, these are less prevalent in Muslim community. Of course, community has less representation in government service [jobs] and politics.

But, Indian Muslims, especially, Muslim women have also been stepping forward in education. Definitely, there was lack of resources and financially issues but Muslims still managed to stand up and today they are doing their best to move ahead. 

From Child marriages to Female Foeticide, there are so many indicators on which Indian Muslims fare better. Female Feticide is a major issue in India. Similarly, when it comes to sex ratio, Indian Muslims fare better. 

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