Best of Blog in 2012

Excessive Emotions: Indian Muslims must exercise restraint, shun needless passion. Our blood should boil for others too. Link

Pronouncing 'Triple Talaq' in one sitting: Time for Indian Muslims to do away with the practice! Link

Hindus fight for justice for Muslims: The Great untold story of secular India. Link

Communal riots in UP: Tough action against bureacrats, not transfers is the solution. Link

Assam riots 2012: How can Congress government claim moral high ground over BJP after failing to check communal violence. Link

Hindu wedding, Urdu invitation card: Non-Muslim couple print wedding invitation in Urdu. Link

Censoring Vs Sensitizing: How to deal with communal messages, hate speech, misinformation. Link

White supremacist, insane gunman or temple shooter but not Terrorist: Media must delink religion with Terror, see all terror incidents alike. Link

Terrorism and Media misinformation. Link

Crowd Control: Failure of police in controlling mob, readiness to fire at protesters. Link

From MF Husain to MF Husain: Disrespecting Bharat Mata in cartoons and debate on limits of creative freedom! Link

Cartoon controversy: Thoughts on Dalit sensitivity about Dr Ambedkar and attempts to belittle his role. Link

The Muslim king who fought against Babar, allied with Rana Sanga: Hasan Khan Mewati. Link

Abar Bhai's auto embraces Saffron: 'Allah Hafiz' to Congress as Muslims join BJP in droves Link

Clueless Congress: Rahul Gandhi's party and its disconnect with Muslims. Link

BSP's strange relationship with Muslims: Why Mayawati wants to throw away its Muslim support Link

Great Heroes: Do Muslims have a place in RSS' vision of India? Link

Community Concerned: Kayastha groups worried over fall in representation in Parliament, Assemblies. Link

Shauq Jalandhari: Spreading the fragrace of Urdu in Eastern India. Link

Board in Bhopal tells you how to 'Salaam' properly. Link

Hindu temple bears Islamic, Sikh, Christian symbols. Link

Hindus hosting 'iftaar' for Muslims, wishing them on Ramzan and vice versa. Link

From Shalimar to Dayawan: Joy of watching old Hindi movies. Link

Rediff report on Deoband fatwas: Wrong facts, irresponsible journalism. Link

Coming across an original 'shilajit' seller. Link

Of fanatic 'liberals', free speech flag-bearers, false journalism and Indian Muslims' restraint during Jaipur Literay Festival. Link

Story of Indore: City of Cricketers, Dons, Mafias and Mavericks, Rags to Riches stories. Link

Saffronisation in Madhya Pradesh: Isn't it BJP's appeasement of majority. Link

Reflections on Gujarat riots, post-Godhra killings and should the carnage be forgotten? Link

Indian Shia street: Life in Shia Muslim localities in Lucknow. Link