Friday, October 19, 2012

Shauq Jalandhari: Spreading the fragrance of Urdu poetry in Eastern India

Renowned Urdu poet Samuel Daniel 'Shauq' Jalandhari is instrumental in keeping Urdu poetry scene alive in regions not considered traditional homelands for the language.

For decades, 'Shauq' Jalandhari was the driving force behind literary and cultural activities in Chhattisgarh, once the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh.

In the last six decades of his poetic career, Shauq Sahab has got many awards and has been termed Pasban-e-Adab, Abru-e-Ghazal and Shaharyar-e-Ghazal.

Pune-based literary journal Asbaq recently published a special issue dedicated to Shauq Sahab's life.

For a long period, he remained associated with the All India Christian Urdu Writers Association [also termed as Anjuman Masihi Musannifin-e-Urdu].

Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee also honoured him for his contribution towards literature. Poet Nazir Fatehpuri pays him tribute in his long Nazm [the first letter of each couplet adds to Shauq sahab's name], two couplets from which I am producing here:

Shaharyar-e-Ghazal, paasbaan-e-Adab
Aabruu-e-sukhan ka milaa hai laqab.....

...Ibn-e-Maryam ke shaidai tujhko salaam
Zakhm-khurda ko marham hai tera kalaam