Saturday, February 28, 2009

Muslim couple marries off Hindu daughter in Sharma family: Communal Harmony Project-10

1. Shabbir Khan and his wife married off their adopted daughter Rakhi as per Vedic rites to Ranjit Sharma in Ghaziabad on Sunday.

The childless Khan couple had adopted the daughter of a Hindu friend who had six daughters. They not just raised her as a Hindu but kept a separate puja ghar in the house.

All Hindu and Muslim festivals were celebrated in the house and such was the emotional bonding between parents and the daughter Rakhi alias Gudia that everybody marvelled at the love. A furniture-maker Khan organised the wedding function at a grand scale almost beyond his means.

"Who will we celebrate Holi with?, he would ask at the time of bidaai. "She was more than what a natural daughter could ever be", says Khan, adding that 'Aaj mere dil ka ek tukdaa chalaa gaya'. Read the Times of India report by Lalit Kumar.

2. Our salute to these Muslim parents for their silent message to the society. Just like we had carried a story about Hindu parents with the heading 'Hats off to Hindu parents of Muslim girl'. Earlier, another amazing story about a Hindu couple's adoption of a Muslim girl and her subsequent marriage to Muslim youth was carried on this blog.

Do read this as well

Naseema was abducted and sold when she was just eight years old. Later a Brahmin couple raised her. Such was their sincerity that they even made her wear the burqa to ensure that the girl gets a traditional Muslim upbringing in Tamil Nadu's Vellore.

They educated her and later married her off to a Muslim youth, who lives and works with a company in Middle East. After her marriage, she even managed to locate her father Ibrahim who had become deaf and dumb. She owes everything in life to her parents--The Brahmin couple. Read more

It is these people who are the real heroes. It is no joke to brave the social pressure and go against the established norms to raise a child belonging other religion as per his or her faith. But they do it, silently.

Photo: Rakhi in bridal attire during the marriage ceremony.