Friday, August 22, 2008

What if Kenneth Haywood was Karim Hasan?

Kenneth Haywood is safely esconced in his Arizona home in America, leaving a trail of unanswered questions about the email that was allegedly sent through his wi-fi internet connection just before the Ahmedabad blasts.

Had the email been sent from the connection of one, say, Karim Hasan, would he have been so fortunate? He would certainly have been declared the mastermind of the blasts and a dozen other cases would have also been slapped on him.

But Kenneth Haywood is an American citizen. He is no Karim Hasan. Editor, Roznama Sahara, Aziz Burney in his series of special editorials, has raised the issue. "He was called by ATS but he didn't go, the narco test was not conducted, why?

...even his passport was not seized and later no lookout notice was issued at the airports and he managed to slip out of the country so easily....

"The escape of any other citizen during the course of investigation wouldn't have raised a storm but in this case, there was no brouhaha, why?" questions Burney. "He had a confirmed ticket, proving that it was all well-planned". "Did the US pressurise the Indian security agencies in letting him out?"

But Kenneth Haywood is no Karim Hasan.

Also, if you still consider me a cynic and suffering with a persecution complex. Read this:

There is an Indian in America who was in a similar position of Kenneth Haywood. About two years back his computer was traced to send emails to the president of US George W. Bush and the Vice-President Dick Cheney.
His name is Vikram Buddhi who is son of a navy captain. And he is languishing in a US jail.
Why in this case there was such haste? Because he was White and an American?...Read this at Twocircles.Net