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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celebrating Eid in Awadh

The Gomti is overflowing. It's a beautiful sight from above the bridge near Dollygunge.

I don't remember having seen the river flowing at this height in the last twenty years. It was always a stream.

The lush greenery on both sides of the bank catches one's eyes and for a moment it takes you away from the posters and placards of Bahujan Samaj Party that dot the entire landscape.

It's so striking that with every change of regime, the flags of new party eclipse the flags of the losing  party.

Vehicles bear small flags of BSP on the bonnet, as the cops won't stop them. At the gate of Nadwatul Ulama, a huge billboard photographs of Mayawati and Akhilesh Das, greet me. In Aminabad and Hazratganj it's tough to walk due to the crowd ahead of Id.

I haven't been able to sight the moon yet, though one can perhaps sight many moons on the streets of Lucknow. It is cloudy today. Chaand will not be visible today, I feel.

Though Maulanas are out on the roofs, armed with their binoculars, to spot moon, it seems that Idul Fitr will be celebrated on Thursday. I have just bought evening papers and was taking a glance while riding the rickshaw, one of them informs me about the death of MIM leader Sultan Owaisi in Hyderabad.

I am passing by Hanuman Setu. I suddenly remember Lucknow's dearest poet Majaz. The weather is fine due to the drizzle. Have bought a few books from Danish Mahal and Minoo and Dinshaw. Right now I am blogging from a relative's place. Have been unable to blog for a while and that's why it's taking time for comments to appear on this blog.

Though elections are still away, the political temperature is high. BSP nominee from Lucknow constituency Akhish Das is campaigning as if the polls are going to be held tomorrow. Hopefully regular blogging will resume by next week.

Till then, Id Mubarak to all of you.


Anser Azim said...

Eid Mubarak to all and to Adnan Saheb to his "ahlo-ayaal". I have been addicted to your blog for quite some time. Gomti has a special place in my memory as I used to watch its " masti" and beauty during the monsoons and
her cries for the rest of the nine months!!. Is darya ki khamoshi bhi aik khoobsoorat ghazal kahtee thee. It was fun to see its flow from Motimahal Hostel balcony with sardar ji's Paratha/anda in one hand and either Times of India/ or Dainik Jagran in the other hand. We used to organize taraveeh prayers on the top of the hostel and there was always communal harmony amongst all of us. We used to share joyous moments on the eve of holi also together.
At times I used to bike from my hostel to Nakkhas/near chirya bazzar to my Phoophis house. though it was hard to bike around KGMC charhai!!! Bhai used to bring Kulcha Niahri and Toonde ke Kabob. There used to be a place in Nakkhas where kashmiri Chai used to be served. I hope that tradition is still alive.
It should be a fun for you on the eve of Chand raat there. Khoob Gahma Gahmi hogi. Tarah tarha ke rangeen kapre, joote, topian etc goya ki kandhe chil rahe honge!!!. haan yeh baat aur hai ki usmaein koi aisa bhi hoga Jo apni ammi kai liye apne bachaye hue paise se " roti banane ka chamta" khareed raha hoga(reminds me Munshi Premchand). I hope it is all peaceful and is celebrated with the spirit of love and "bhaichargi"
and communal harmony.
best wishes and duain
Anser Azim Chicago

Anonymous said...

ID mubarak bandhu!!!

Ye manzilen !! said...

"though one can perhaps sight many moons on the streets of Luckhnow" -

Good one....
Those Maulanas and Pundits need to look at these walking-talking-moons and dream peace...

Hyderabadi said...

Assalam-o-Alaikum dear indscribe
Eid Mubarak to u also.
I am here in Hyderabad to celeberate Eid.

a fan said...

Happy Eid and Nice post.

Pinku said...

hmmm...your post took me back to riverside and for a fleeting moment the peace descended on me too.

aapko bhi Eid Mubarak!!!

Dr Prabhat Tandon said...

आपको भी ईद की बहुत -२ शुभकामनायें । और साथ मे सिर्फ़ एक दुआ कि इंसानों के बीच अमन- चैन और आपस मे समझ बढे और मजहबी कट्टरवाद चाहे वह किसी रुप मे हो , उसका अंत हो ।
लेकिन बात लखनऊ की ! यह सही है कि इस शहर के मौसम का मिजाज पिछ्ले कई सालों मे ऐसा खुशगवार कभी न दिखा लेकिन प्र्कृति (nature ) के आगे हम सब बेबस है . कई इलाकों मे पानी सर के ऊपर तक भरा और बहुतों की जिदगी जीने के लिये दूभर हो गयी । nature की इस विनाशलीला क खेल कब तक चलेगा , इसका उत्तर तो शायद किसी के पस नही है ।

Sandeep Monga said...

Eid Mubarak to u & ur family & to all of us Indians.May GOD grant us peace of mind & soul.Amen

Kagaz ki kashti said...

Eid Mubarrak to you too!

Lucknow se hamara bhi bahut purana rishta hai... tunde ke kabab, Aminabad ki chikkan kari ki shopping aur wahan ki kulfi, apne sab yaad dila di.... per wahan ke rikshe bahut bure hain... sambhal kar bethna padta hai.. ab gire tab gire :-)

indscribe said...

Anser Sahab,
Same to you. Ya, the tradition of Kashmiri Chai is alive and kicking. The hustle and bustle is the same.

Ye Manzilen, thanks.
Hyderabadi, Dr Prabhat Tandon and Pinku aap ko bhi mubarak.

Danesh said...

Belated Eid Mubarak! I've nominated your blog for the Brass Crescent Awards (http://www.brasscrescent.org/) under the "Best Writer" category. All the best!

Abhiram said...

Hello Buddy,

I just read a couple of your blogs. They are amazing.

Wanted to congratulate you on your clarity of thought, a balanced approach and a wonderful attempt to portray true nature of muslims.

I have had verbal duels with hindu fundamentalist supporters and I've always felt an acute need of muslim voices that echo my perception of IM. With people like you, it becomes easier for me.

Thanks and many appreciations.

Harsha Prasad said...

I have lot to say about my old good home Lucknow, one of the two cities where I spent my formative years. After 31 years, Colvin, Ganj, Girls of IT COllege and Loretto, Simsons, Ranjana's & Aminabad continue to haunt me even now, . Akhilesh Das, my class fellow in Colvin, was a scoundrel even then, remains a scoundrel and will remain a scoundrel till his grave,which unfortunately in the current political scenario is not going to be very near in future, despite all our wishfull thinking. I miss Gomti,I miss Vintage Car rallies, I miss morning shows in Mayfair, I miss the conversation I used to have with a 'rickshawala' which went something like this - "रिक्शे आले ('aale' not 'waale') , हज़रतगंज जाओगे?"... "हाँ जाएँगे".. "कितने पैसे लोगे?"... "जो मुनासिब हो दे दीजिएगा"... "तुम बताओ के कितने मुनासिब होते हैं"... "वैसे तो पचहत्तर पैसे होते हैं!"... "अमाँ छोड़ो, पचास में तो कल गये थे"... "हनुमान सेतु पर चढ़ाई कितनी है".. "छोड़ो, हम तांगा ले लेंगे" " चलिए सत्तर दे दीजिएगा"... "चलो!". I miss everything.

indscribe said...

Sandeep Bhai, Kagaz ki Kashti, Abhiram thanks all of you so much.

Harsha Prasad sahab, nice comment.

Danesh Bhai, you never forget :)

Dr Prabhat Tandon said...

Akhilesh Das, my class fellow in Colvin, was a scoundrel even then, remains a scoundrel and will remain a scoundrel till his grave
ha ha ha ha ......bilkul sach kaha ...wha janab!!