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Sunday, December 06, 2009

December 6, 1992: Marathi poet's verse on Babri Masjid Demolition Anniversary

I don't generally write any post on the anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition. This year is no exception. However, I thought I could share this poem titled 'Common Pain' with you.

Qulfi is as we all know, is the desi ice-cream. Khobragarhe is a common surname among Dalits and Buddhists. This verse has been penned by Anand Gaikwad, an eminent Marathi poet.

Now read the Nazm:

December 6

Chhota Nasru sold Qulfi
Khobragarhe picked junk
Every morning they met at Patipura
Khobragarhe would buy a Qulfi from Nasru
That day Nasru said
'Qulfi nahi khayega, Ba'sha' [Buddy, won't you eat qulfi today?]
No, said Khobraghare
"Today is Baba Saheb's Niravana Day
......but where is your qulfi box?"
"Today they had demolished the Babri Masjid!
Nasru replied in a choked voice"
Silence stamped the street
The atmosphere around them, froze
Just like the Qulfi box

Anand Gaikwad

[He is a Marathi poet and activist]

 December 6 is also the death of anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar, an icon for Indians who is especially revered among Dalits. It's said that for a large section of India, 1992, is now history. It is also being said that we have moved ahead and there is perhaps a new generation that doesn't care about communal conflicts.

The fate of those--The top ten--who were 'heroes' of the Ram Janmabhumi Movement and Save Babri Masjid campaigns is known to most of us. However, there has hardly been any justice for victims of the communal riots that had occurred in the country after the mosque was demolished.

Also, there has been no action on the culprits of the Babri Masjid demolition riots. Two terms and the 'secular' Congress governments in Maharashtra still remain averse to action on even the Mumbai policemen involved in Hari Masjid firing and similar other incidents & even tries its best to shield them.

Ayodhya remains a besieged City that has an extraordinary presence of the Men in Khaki. The make-shift temple is there but for devotees it is yet to become a trouble-free place. Should fear stalk devout in the City of Lord Rama!

One hopes that as sanity returns, there will be national consensus and the issue is amicably resolved. Though there have been voices regarding national monument and hospital or construction of mosque nearby in the past, renewed efforts have begun recently, specially among Muslim intellectuals, who want the issue settled.


Amit J said...

sorry to veer away from the topic,but I didn't know qulfi was spelled with a 'qaaf' and not 'kaaf'....

indscribe said...

Amit bhai

Yeah, it's qaaf. Actually, the traditional qulfi sellers put the milk-cream combination into conical moulds that are buried in ice. The lid is fitted on the conical [or rectangular] mould that were kept in ice.

As Qufl is Urdu for lock, the conical moulds came to be known as qufli. Over the years, qufli became qulfi in common bol-chaal. And after centuries of usage, qulfi became the standard and correct usage.

The Chef said...

You let a disease stay and it becomes troublesome and chronic. Thats what the courts have done to this issue. and the reason could be no Chief Justice/ PM or Home Minister wanted to bell the cat. Logically i feel now a fund should be granted and a temple and a mosque (funded by Temple Trust) should be constructed fast and be done with for ever.

Saffron said...

I am one of those hindus who cheered for Babri falling, a historical wrong had been corrected, but was sad about the riots.

I can understand my muslim brothers feeling attacked when babri mosque is being destroyed, but the attack is against Babar & Aurangzed not today indian muslims. Those who went about rioting (hindus or muslims) are my enemies.

I used to live in a neighborhood where sometimes when Pakis won, we would hear shouts of Pakistan zindabad from the mosques, but I knew it was just those few idiots not the community. There are hindu traitors (all congressis) just like there are muslim traitors.

I was shocked when karsevaks were burnt in 02', but equally shocked by the riots. I donated money to the a poor muslim family we knew back home. The excuse was his daughter's wedding.

I am a proud hindu and have an bone to pick with Babar & Aurgangzeb, but Muslim brothers of today are just that, my blood brothers.

I am for the peaceful relocation of Mathura & Varanasi mosques and contstruction of temples. One condition, the mosques to be relocated, rebuilt & maintained by HINDUS.

I am a BJP supporter & think congressis do more harm to muslims than BJP.

This hindu-muslim is a little complicated my brother, but I am very hopeful. You may or may not agree with me, but your blog gives me hope.