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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Infosys must redeem itself, reinstate Muslim employee sacked on false terror charges

Rashid Hussain
India's leading software company Infosys may be a an IT giant but its action against an employee on false terror charges has finally been questioned by the court also.

Rashid Hussain was never charged, nor even arrested. However, he was one among the innumerable Muslim youths who were detained and questioned after the Jaipur blasts in the year 2008. The company had readily dismissed him.

The HR departments [Human Resources wings] of most companies [including Information Technology firms] in post-liberalisation era are known for their incompetency and buffoonery.

Most of the companies don't stand by their employees in cases of trivial nature but when it comes to top honchos who are caught red-handed in cases ranging from harassment to molestation or rape, they seem to go extra-mile to protect them.

It takes moral courage, honesty and lot of values to admit a mistake. Today NR Narayan Murthy is seen as an icon. If his company behaves in such a manner, it is shameful and disgusting. The Infosys Technologies Limited must redeem itself.

The issue is not of a job. It's about sending the right signal. Let's see if the Bangalore-based group takes a lead and undo the injustice meted out to the engineer, who even otherwise manages to eke out his living respectfully.

The procedures were not followed and his services were terminated. Hussain, however, chose to fight and after three years, the labour court has held his termination as illegal. The Patna-born computer engineer finally reached the Infosys office at Jaipur and handed over the order.

Now the officials of the IT major refuse to comment. Else they tell media persons that they are studying the judgment. If Infosys took a wrong decision in the past, its officials should have the courage to admit and take corrective measures.
Will the IT major, Infosys, admit its mistake?
If Infosys is known across the world, it will add more prestige to it by accepting its fault and reinstating the sacked engineer.

More so, he is an Indian engineer. How many times have the Indian Muslim to say that 'I am a Muslim but I am not a terrorist'?

The court has held that the company's action was malafide and violative of the rules, as he was removed without any notice. Isn't it shameful?

It's not Rashid Husain who needs the taint to be cleared. The company should also act responsibly and clear itself of the charges of Islamophobia, religious profiling and double standards by acting on an employee who had no FIR against him.

Already the action has shown the company in poor light and lowered its prestige. For the record, Hussain is now head of department of Electronics at a prestigious university in Rajasthan. Let's see whether the IT company has the moral courage to accept its mistake.

[Rashid Hussain's photo: Courtesy The Telegraph]


suds said...

While i agree that infosys should accept its mistake and apologise if there has been any wrongful action on its part but how does it point to islamophobia?

How will the police arrest the culprits unless it interrogates the suspects.. Unless ofcourse if you believe every terror attack is a hindu zionist conspiracy to malign muslims.

Suds said...

By the way infosys believes that Mr. Hussain misrepresented his work experience(a common offence for which employees are terminated but some do get away with it for years) and its Mr.Hussain's and certain NGO's belief that Infosys has "conspired" with the Police(state) to punish an innocent muslim.

While you are free to form your own opinion, Please report the facts as they are.

"After his release on SOG's failure to find anything incriminating, Infosys BPO Limited – where Mr. Hussain, 38, was working as a senior network engineer – terminated his service citing “discrepancies” in his records about his previous work experience submitted at the time of his appointment in 2005."

indscribe said...

@ Suds.

I think you also understand what is illegal detention.

And they were not discrepancies, rather they were made out to be, and this is the reason the court struck down the company's contention.

BTW, how did you imagine that I consider every terror act as a Hindu-Zionist conspiracy.

Haven't you read my humble, pesonal views on terror strikes ranging from Mumbai to jaipur and other Cities in the last couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Why would any company want keep such persons suspected of wrongdoing?
No right thinking government can force pvt. companies into accepting people according to political parties or outfits whims and fancies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this,
But to accuse infosys of Islamophobia and religious profiling is just too much. Either you are envious of infosys success or you just have a feeling of victimization, which is but your own imagination.

Something tells me that this guy failed to con infosys but was successful in conning a 'prestigious university' in Rajastan.