Monday, July 20, 2015

Politicians' iftaar angers right-wingers: Is there a world beyond the word 'appeasement' in India?

Some people are unhappy with Indian politicians attending 'iftaars', especially, about the politicians who wear the skullcap (topi).

It is disturbing to see so much anger on social media and abusive messages about these politicians.

The anger is because they feel hosting 'iftaar' is appeasement of Muslims. A guy reacted, "Look, why don't they attend Hindu functions?"

He didn't realise that the politicians attend so many religious functions of the majority community--at least in North India, that it is no longer news.

From Bhagwat Katha to the Dussehra celebration, 'praan-pratishtha' to 'yagnas', they attend every religious function. This is natural because Hindus form the majority.

The 'iftaar' is hosted once a year, and hence it becomes news, the photos are splashed in media. The other guy said, 'Why should Muslims' be entertained separately'.

They are not entertained, buddy, there is something called multi-culturalism and goodwill gestures. Incidentally, he is the same guy who was delighted when US president hosted Diwali party and had posted the video on his Facebook wall. 

Why Barack Obama does it? Hindus are a minority in US, is it appeasement? No. There are certain basics, a few courtesies, decencies. I may not like it but I won't oppose it either. Another guy was upset that these politicians wear 'topis'.

He tweeted that why Muslims don't sport 'tilak'. If you haven't seen a Muslim politician sporting 'tilak', then that's your issue! When confronted with photographs of Muslim leaders sporting 'tilak', there was no answer, rather, a query comes quickly about other forms of appeasement.

To set the record straight, Hindus are six times the number of Muslims in India. And when it comes to politicians, the ratio is even more skewed. So you will see more Hindus politicians than Muslim politicians.

But if you start observing carefully the next time, a Muslim MLA or MP goes for campaign in your area, you may surely see some of them breaking coconuts, going to temples, seeking blessings of the priests. 
Upset with politicians for wearing topi, say no Muslim would ever sport 'tilak' but when confronted with photographs of Muslim politicians with 'tilak', there is a another accusation of appeasement of other kind..
Others zealously shared a report on a Hindi website that dealt entire with 'iftaar' and 'appeasement'. It expressed concern that politicians were not going to Christian and Sikh events. This is plain stupid. In areas where Christian and Sikh minorities are significant, the politicians go to there events too.

The politician is a human being too, he lives in the society, he is expected to interact with all sections of the society. I don't go to any politician's iftaar. It's my choice. Some 'right-wing' leaders host 'iftaar' because of their relations with Muslims, while many leaders popular among Muslims don't do it.....

APPEASEMENT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BORDER!'s totally up to them. But, at least, show some basic intelligence, before talking about 'appeasement'. So what's appeasement? Whatever happens as per your ideology, vision, experience and intellect, is fine but whatever is beyond that, is appeasement! Isn't it!

Sorry, things don't work that way. The country and the world can't run like your household or my household.

Ending this post with a photograph from our neighbouring country, where Muslim politicians seek blessings from Hindu gods, yes, in Pakistan.