Thursday, April 27, 2017

How communal propaganda for years laid foundation for India's march towards Fascism: Reasons for right-wing's success, hysteria that has gripped citizens

Companies are firing employees, no job creation, businessmen are worried, forget the poor.

You are getting hurt by the bleeding economy or lack of development, but you aren't perturbed.

No promise is fulfilled--either on developmental front or ten heads for each Indian soldier's head, yet, vote will go to them only. No surprise.

This is the stage of fascism, it leads to hysteria. If leader(s) says that there is too much population and solution is to commit suicide, they will say, 'Yes', he is right, some may even accept it.

The niddle-class that has money, house, shops, so can survive, face inflation longer. How can they accept that they were wrong, after all, they have believed in him with so much intensity that it will shatter them.

Media will not let this hysteria level go down. After all, the propagandists made efforts for half-a-century to get their men enter, influence and own media, while others had no inkling. As far as Congress is concerned, it is responsible chiefly for this crisis.

For decades, so much lies were spread in this country that a divide between Hindus and Muslims was created. So many half-truths were spoken, propaganda of others was allowed that for most Hindus, Kashmiri or Muslim became an enemy.

They kept talking of article 370 but would never tell that anyone could go to Kashmir but there are states like Nagaland where any Indian requires a permit to even step into the state. And it is not just Kashmir.

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It is on each and every issue. Common Civil Code, Haj Subsidy, Talaq, just think and there are innumerable issues. Congress was the major party and was expected to tackle but it was never interested, in fact, complicit.

...long long story...sins of decades....

And, where is the space in obsessed brain to even think--every cell in your brain is occupied. From Aurangzeb to worries over Zaheer Khan's marriage, the sound of Azaan to Cow, everyday there is so much to think of.

They can form illegal armies that will kill people for no crime, in the name of cow vigilantism or anything else. Yet, they will remain paranoid, scared, worried about growing population of the Muslims.

For right-wing Indians, there is nothing left, except worrying about Islam and Muslims. So all this is not going to end soon, it will take time. Let's wait and hope that some day this fever will come down.