Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fahmida knew Jaffer had AIDS but still married her

Jaffer Inamdar was just 17 when he wast old that he had AIDS in 1997 but a decade later he is not only happily married to his sweet heart, Fahmida, but also runs an organisation Positive Lives Goa for people living with HIV apart from planning to adopt a baby soon.

This tremendous story has been told by Anuradha Mascarenhas. Inamdar was the first person in Goa to disclose his HIV status. Like anyother girl, Fahmida was also devastated when she was told by him that he had AIDS.

The world came crashing down for them. Surely it was a tough decision for any girl. But she still married him. 'I couldn't imagine marrying somebody else', she says. An HIV negative girl marrying an HIV positive man, they are a happy couple in every sense.

They practise safe sex and extend a helping hand to hundreds of others. Mascarenhas reports that the couple plans to start a marriage bureau for People living with HIV. Read Jafar Inamdar and Fahmeeda's fascinating story here.