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Friday, November 30, 2007

Taslima Nasreen issue: Have the BJP, RSS accepted 'Alternate Sexuality'?

From Narendra Modi to Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the BJP Chief Ministers are now on the forefront extending invitation to Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen to settle in their respective states.

It is interesting to see the proponents of Bharatiyata welcoming Taslima Nasrin and offering her to stay in these states.

I have absolutely no objection. Atithi daivo bhavah, that is the ancient Indian tradition.

I just wonder if the BJP-RSS leaders have read her works and what are their views about her sexual exploits, her lack of proficiency with the tongue in satisfying the partner and similar other aspects of alternative sexuality, which she has explicitly written in her autobiographical series of novels, which are not fiction but fact.

The BJP and RSS have been quite touchy on the subject. Remember the hullabaloo over the film Fire! The Sangh Pariwar has always treated homosexuality as 'Western disease' and been contemptuous of it. Seems they have overnight endorsed it and accepted as Indian Culture.

I wonder when the BJP leaders from Prakash Javdekar to Ravishankar Prasad seemed so enthusiastic about Taslima, why nobody asked them this question. Is it ignorance about her works or its a sudden broader outlook where there is acceptance of all cultures and lifestyles!

Hypocrisy or change of heart for Hindutva forces. Let it be clear.


Life in the Northwest said...

Why have you failed to condemn the threats of violence being made against Taslima Nasrin, by Muslims in both Bangladesh and West Bengal that have caused her to need sanctuary?

An Islamist group have offered a bounty of 500,000 rupees for her beheading ... is that not a disgrace? Why are that group not in prison?

To the rest of the world it wasn't the sexual content of her books, but her reasonable call for reform of Sharia laws that got the hotheads out screaming for her death.

The irony of why Muslims always call for "death", when defending the "Religion of Peace", seems to escape the mobs and the Mullahs who scream hate from the pulpits.

What's even odder is, that to a man they have never read any of the books that they call the mobs out on the streets for. They proudly claim to know what's in the books (presumably by direct message from Allah), without ever having touched the covers of the unholy item.

I might add that amongst other books that Islamic clerics have protested over is "The Book of One Thousand and One Nights" ... hardly blasphemous, unless you have a real problem with some people liking the stories?

The fact that you mention Taslima Nasrin's perceived sexuality reflects more on your interests not hers. I have seen from your blog that broadly you are a moderate man, obviously well read and educated ... one might even say urbane, but it reflects sadly that you pointed at her perceived sexual conduct, rather than her political stance (feminist), as the cause for which she fights.

It is Muslim 7th century attitudes to sexuality that is one of the root causes as to its failure to adapt to a modern world, that is leaving it behind (or trying to, if only Islamists would stop attacking us).

I am sorry if this hurts your feelings, but you must realise how fed up the rest of us are with barbaric Sharia laws, injustices towards women and religious minorities, direct attacks, threats, and intolerance of free speech.

The jailing of a woman who was raped in Saudi Arabia, and the imprisonment of an English teacher in Sudan, both ostensibly for breaking Sharia Laws, are just examples of what causes such disgust for the religion they claim to represent.

Maybe you and other educated moderates in the Muslim world could organise, and reclaim your religion from the illiterates who appear to run it. We in the rest of the world are only forced to pay attention to Islam because of the endless stream violence and disruption it creates.

If it really was just a peaceful and harmless religion, that could make and retain converts by power of friendly persuasion, then the rest of the world would be happy to let you thrive, or fail, on your own efforts.

Instead it’s a religion that inspires fear and suspicion solely because of the calibre of (wahabbi?) clerics and leaders who appear to run the religion for the purpose of conquest and control.

As your columnist Khaled Ahmed said "It is our tragedy that we are in denial about things that require reform. Alas, reform cannot come without self-criticism, and as long as we are in denial we cannot even begin to criticise ourselves sincerely. If we are not inclined to self-reform then the only thing we can do is force the rest of the world to submit to us. The world is not willing to submit. And it has the ability to defend itself against us and also to punish us".

No one is safe to criticise in any sense (whether it’s self criticism or not), without being threatened with death, and while that remains the situation, the Muslim world will wallow in violence and poverty of thought and spirit.

indscribe said...

Read the earlier post on "Kolkata violence' and then comment.

Ijtema said...

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Miracles said...

Everybody is making his own politics and behaving disgracefully be it the politicians,govt,critics,artistes everybody.