Friday, November 30, 2007

Taslima Nasreen issue: Have the BJP, RSS accepted 'Alternate Sexuality'?

From Narendra Modi to Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the BJP Chief Ministers are now on the forefront extending invitation to Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen to settle in their respective states.

It is interesting to see the proponents of Bharatiyata welcoming Taslima Nasrin and offering her to stay in these states.

I have absolutely no objection. Atithi daivo bhavah, that is the ancient Indian tradition.

I just wonder if the BJP-RSS leaders have read her works and what are their views about her sexual exploits, her lack of proficiency with the tongue in satisfying the partner and similar other aspects of alternative sexuality, which she has explicitly written in her autobiographical series of novels, which are not fiction but fact.

The BJP and RSS have been quite touchy on the subject. Remember the hullabaloo over the film Fire! The Sangh Pariwar has always treated homosexuality as 'Western disease' and been contemptuous of it. Seems they have overnight endorsed it and accepted as Indian Culture.

I wonder when the BJP leaders from Prakash Javdekar to Ravishankar Prasad seemed so enthusiastic about Taslima, why nobody asked them this question. Is it ignorance about her works or its a sudden broader outlook where there is acceptance of all cultures and lifestyles!

Hypocrisy or change of heart for Hindutva forces. Let it be clear.