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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Extremist group imparting arms training openly in Western UP: Samajwadi Party fails to take action on right-wing extremists' army

A right-wing extremist group is creating an army of youths, who are being given arms' training openly.

The youths are not only trained to use traditional weapons' but are also being taught how to use firearms viz. guns, rifles and pistols.

The organisation claims that its aim is to protect Hindus. It vows to fight terrorist groups. But a parallel force that indoctrinates to such an extent that the members consider all Muslims as enemies, is surely a cause of concern for our country. Isn't it?

Even more serious is the fact that children are attending these camps. These kids are being not only learning how to use weapons but are also being brain-washed.

The organisation is named, 'Hindu Swabhiman'. Read Ankush Vats and Amit Bharadwaj's report in Tehelka Hindi magazine AT THIS LINK

Children who are not even ten year old, are being indoctrinated. 

They are told that the 'Muslims are their enemy'.

This is happening openly. Yet, the police haven't touched these camps as yet.

Forget, intelligence officials, even the local administration seems to have turned a blind eye towards the 'extremist army'.

There has been no action against the group. In fact, local Hindi media, hasn't been critical of them either.

The Samajwadi Party (SP) government that is in power in Uttar Pradesh, hasn't taken any action, even after the report was released. Now, multiple channels and papers have published reports about the organisation.

We fully support tough action on extremist Muslim groups and in the same way, these extremist Hindu organisations should also be dealt with. Else, things may go out of hands. Let'see if Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav takes any action.

Saffron Army: SEE THE VIDEO


PKB said...

Although not fully desirable, this is the only way to stop ISIS and other retrograde Muslim groups who are hell-bent to destroy India.

laughing said...

Must be a joke
Most likely these people were having some cermony with blunt weapons and empty guns and you are using their pics - without their permission - for your own propaganda.

Seriously, do you really think bows and swords can fight IS.

worst PJ