Thursday, November 09, 2017

Devin Kelley kills 26 unarmed people including children in Texas church but US media calls him 'gunman', NOT terrorist

As many as 26 people including kids and unborn child were shot dead in a massacre in a Church in America.

The incident in Sutherland Springs Church in Texas, shocked the entire world.

But, the man, Devin Kelly, who ruthlessly killed the people of his own Church community (where his family prayed) was not termed 'Terrorist'.

Kelly shot children in the head, point blank, reports newspapers and TV channels.

Reports after reports informed about the gory scene--nothing but blood and children's bodies remaining on the scene of crime. LINK

The New York Times (NYT) mentions how he fired quickly, methodically, shooting his terrified victims--including small children--in the head. The report uses the word 'terrified' but won't term the man a terrorist. It calls him 'gunman'.

For American media and opinion makers, when a White kills, immediately he is a 'gunman' or someone with 'troubled childhood' or 'mental issues', as if it somehow justified or brings down the gravity of the crime.

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Here lies the problem in USA. If it is their guy--the white, then he is not a terrorist. Only the 'other', person of different race or religion can be a terrorist. 

That's how the supposedly free media and the most advanced society in the world, deals with Terrorism. Cut the crap, call it what it is--Terrorism. There is a long list now--after every such incident, we hear terms like 'lone wolf', 'shooter', 'gunman' or 'psycho-killer'. And that's how America deludes itself.

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