Thursday, June 04, 2020

End of Empathy: How deaths in lynchings evoke little reaction, response in India

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

*Man lynched--hardly any reaction, neither celebrities nor ministers take note

*If he is Muslim, term him 'thief' or bring any other negative angle to make him appear a criminal, even before basic probe

*Once it is found that he is Bangladeshi, then predictable reactions

*However, latest report tells that the person's name was 'RANJIT'. So, now, blame WB govt! But sadness? No sadness, no tears because you are incapable of empathy.

*You are capable of just hate, if incident is in one district, find a nearby 'Muslim district' to create more confusion. *Not just loonies, papers too carry reports on these lines. Same pattern.

*There is never any genuine grief. Every incident, every death just part of the plan to target 'Muslims, seculars....' and whatever they've been fed for years now.

*This is the most unique species, its entire existence rests on falsehoods, hate and propaganda. They can always come up with something new--add a false name, bring up imaginary things. 

*With multiple portals, thousands of FB pages, Twitter handles, IT cell and top leaders ready to push it, they make people believe. Others can keep refuting, defending, explaining but how much!

[Photo is just for representational purpose]