Monday, June 01, 2020

Lessons from US to India: Countries that stop injustice, fight oppression become great nations

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

After George Floyd's murder, USA erupted in anger.

Not just blacks, whites [the majority] too came out to protest and almost every celebrity was openly talking about the incident and speaking against racial discrimination.

Even the policemen seemed on back foot and made a gesture, apologised for their colleagues' horrible act. Does anyone here accept a mistake or says sorry for tortures?

Do we even have the moral character, this strength that is needed for it. Do we even care? This is the major difference between America and India.

When Shambhu Raigar had burnt alive a Muslim man Afrazul as if it was just a pastime & got it video recorded on his kin's phone 2-1/2 yrs ago, how many had protested. Just recall, who came out on streets?

Scores of Shambhu's supporters took to the streets in Rajasthan. They wanted him freed & had unfurled saffron flag at court. There was no feeling of guilt or shame expressed by right-wingers. As usual it was termed as a 'fringe person's action' and ignored.

Similarly, in most of the lynching incidents, from Akhlaq to Junaid, Pahlu Khan to Tabrez, there was never any solidarity, no apology. How many celebrities who otherwise speak in accordance with US' values, did the same in India?

Did you see them holding placards that 'we are sorry'? No. In fact, those involved in killings and lynchings get garlanded and feted. Even they are hailed as heroes and even asked to contest elections. We have a terror suspect win election by a margin of lakhs.

Nations that are strong have people who take stand, have empathy and 'hamdardi'--understand, feel each other' pain, stand with oppressed irrespective of their creed, at least, have some moral values, not selfish interests, majoritarianism or law applied as per whims.