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Thursday, August 09, 2007

MIM protest at Taslima Nasreen's press conference in Hyderabad: Ruckus sans reason

The MLAs of Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen [MIM] created ruckus at the Taslima Nasreen's press conference.

The Bangladeshi author who had to leave her country, had reached Hyderabad for the release of her book.

Rather than assault on her, as many reports described the incident, I would call it ruckus.

Mercifully she didn't get injured. As far as Majlis is concerned, it has done little good to add to its existing 'reputation'.

Worse was the reaction of MIM leaders when they were contacted by news channels as they failed to put their point across [even though their behaviour was not at all justified].

The MIM chief Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi kept repeating that the 'attack' was justified but failed to say what exactly was his problem with Taslima's writings. Most of his MLAs, except one, who spoke to channels, were simply irrational.

They had nothing to say that could in any way justify their rage and express their point of view. At least, the leaders of Shiv Sena [which MIM seems to be emulating to an extent], are articulate enough that they even justify the unjustifiable.

I am sure this comparison will anger many people but a peaceful protest with black flags would have been a much better idea than MIM activists barging into the Press Club premises and creating nuisance. I wonder why Asaduddin Owaisi didn't speak to media. At least, he is articulate.

As far as Taslim Nasreen's writings are concerned, she is no great writer. Recently I finished one of the volumes of her autobiography. She is self-obsessed. There is, of course, enough masala to compensate: like explicit description of her lesbian affair with a woman in Europe, her failure to learn secrets of giving oral pleasure and her thoughts at the sight of innumerable human phalluses of all size and shapes at a nudist beach.

Khair. Tasleema Nasrin may be a bad writer but this sort of protest is absolutely unwarranted.

LINK to Karan Thapar's long and interesting interview with Nasreen at CNN IBN. She doesn't come across as an intellectually profound person, rather one finds her quite shallow. The video is also there at the same link. It is a must-read transcript.


Miracles said...

The perception that Feminist writer Taslima makes by all these statements to sell her books in India is true but at the same time she wants patronage. Infact she speaks only against Islamic fundamentalism because she knows that that is what the communal parties want to hear in India.Taslima Knows that human rights and gender issues sell very well. Once mixed with religious persecution they sell even better around the world.

SHE HAS BEEN CLAIMING women's exploitation and torture IN ISLAM WHICH IS JUST absurd. JUST BECAUSE she faced difficulties and oppression would make a religion against a women. Educated Muslim women can adopt much better ways to spread the message of humanity and women’s rights rather doing what she is up to. Women’s rights can be fought but in much sensible fashion.

I wonder how her perception of a beautiful world she imagines is? Except cursing religion she has done nothing for issues which she claims to be bothered about- like women in marriage, divorce, child custody ,inheritance under Islam. What has she done to Women are treated as slaves, sexual objects and childbearing machines according to her.

thank God not much ruckus was created in Bhopal when she shared a 'manch' with people with RSS background. Naturally, they were excited about her anti-Islam statements when already an exhibition was making noises in the Bharat Bhawan. The event got huge publicity.

And again this Hyderabad whisper which would have been defended in a polished way. Rather making a fool out of themselves the The MLAs (MIM) leaders made a mockery of themselves and the community. they not adopt the right way of protest instead defamed themselves. They failed to put their point across and lost a n opportunity and again raised a question that Muslims lack leadership. Muslims are victimized by their own community and this will go on.

This was not expected from Mr Owaisi at all. We all are living in a democracy and freedom of expression is guaranteed to all. There are ways to protest as well in the democracy - but not this way.

We all need to think what is the need of this hour?

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

I was just surfing through and though I'd post a quick note.

Masha'Allah! Great blog.

I write a little about Islam --come by insha'Allah if you have some time to read.

Ma'as salaama,
nuh ibn

How do we know said...

I agree with you on this - Tasleema Nasreen is a bad writer. Period. I read Lajja and even at that relatively early age i went "Huh?"

Some people do not deserve the attention they get- positive or negative. Tasleema Nasreen and Salman Rushdie are in that category.

They remind me of this sher:
Pathar Hamare sehan mein aaye khushi hui,
Gham to gaya ki koi hamein jaanta nahi.

How do we know said...

Oh, and i just read the interview transcript. That is, as far as i could manage. The best one liner, i thought, was on Page 2 "They didn't tell me they needed privacy".. ROFL! But the next answer, at the beginning of Page 3, completely takes the cake.(more ROFL)
Sorry, at that point, I stopped reading.

Should MIM have done any better? My grandfarther used to say, when 2 donkeys fight, its brays on both sides. :-) No offence intended. His point was that if there is something happening that reaches a level you do not want to stoop to, it is best to distance yourself from a futile pursuit, and to focus your energies on something good that you can do.

indscribe said...

Nice sher. And thanks for the comments. I fully agree.