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Monday, October 08, 2007

Ramzan photos: From India to Indonesia

The first photograph is from Kashmir: A young man offering Namaz under the tree on the roadside in the outskirts of Sri Nagar.

I really liked this Yasin Dar photo. Just seeing the photo one can feel the peace he must be experiencing in the ibaadat.

Mannequins in the second photo have their heads covered, in accordance with the local culture.

The photograph is from a shop in Jakarta [Indonesia]. Jameel Ahmed reads the Holy Quran in his shop in Hyderabad.

He sells Islamic texts and other religious literature. That's a familiar scene in any walled City.

The last is the photo from America. Iftaar in a Muslim house where families of expatriate Muslims from Asia and other parts, break their fast.

The Holy month Ramzan, as we say in Urdu, (many prefer saying Ramadan) is now coming to an end. And Id is round the corner.

I am not sure still about what am I going to do--going home or just being here and taking a day's off on Id!


Kagaz ki kashti said...

good ones! few inclusion from Saudi Arabia too would have given a best of Ramzaan (I prefer saying this).
Eid is our biggest festival & gives profound happiness if celebrated with our loved ones.
Ami ke haathon ka sherkhurma nahin khana...?? :-)
U should visit ur home....

deepanjali said...

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