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Sunday, October 19, 2008

No outrage over DMK's pro-LTTE stance

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is one of the most dangerous terrorist organisations in the world.

Even the ultra-liberal would find it difficult to term them as fighters, as the organisation has been responsible for the assassination of a Prime Minister of our country.

In this context, it is strange to see the audacity of DMK, which is forcing the Centre to act and intervene. The Sri Lankan army offensive seems to have pushed LTTE to the wall.

And we hear that the militant group has suffered severe damages and may be completely wiped out (though it is doubtful).

However, DMK MPs have been threatening the UPA government on the issue. It wants India to intervene in the matter. Isn't it outrageous?

Firstly, it tantatmounts to interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign country where we have burnt our fingers badly int he past. Secondly, it was barely 17 years ago when Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a LTTE suicide bomber.

Of course, Centre can make an appeal (as we have done along with other countries) to Colombo to ensure that civilians (Tamils) shouldn't bear the brunt of the attack on LTTE.

But, the amount of pressure exerted on the Congress-led government by the party, is unwarranted and unethical. The Tamil Nadu government wants the military operations against LTTE to stop as the army is closing in on Kilinochi, the rebel capital and stronghold of Eelam.

The Kalaignar [DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi] thunders that 'we can go to any extent to stop the annihilation of the Tamil race' and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appears acquiesing. Pranab Mukherjee is also going to reach Lanka for urging for 'negotations' as the UPA feels that 'there is no military solution to the issue'.

Can you believe it, what our government says. External Affairs Minister has already expresse 'grave concern' over the situation. PM told Sri Lanka president Rajapksa on phone that 'there is no military solution to this conflict and there should be political negotiations for a peacefully negotiated settlement, reports said. That's Congress speaking!

In normal circumstances any such incident, could have caused an outrage and led to questions over commitment to country and patriotism, but it seems that media also lets Dravidian parties go to absurd lengths in furthering their political ends, even if that goes against the national interest.


Pinku said...

Yes the LTTE did kill an Indian Prime Minister. They are also confirmed terrorists known world over for their cruelty.

Yes they are for the first time close to complete defeat. Once the SriLankan army gains complete control, it will weed out all of them. Not only them but their fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters,wives and children. And beleive me few Tamils will remain unscathed.

Yes the indian govt is asking for a dialogue largely due to the pressure tactics of the dravidian parties. Given the above situation I dont have the heart to berate it even if i know the request is going out almost as an attempt to save its own interests.

Michael said...

Its hard for people other than Tamilians to understand what the whole situation is about.

Some Dravidian parties support the LTTE. The only reason being without them all Tamilians in the Northern part will be discriminated as has happened over the past years.

The current support though is because the Sri Lankan force has started "killing" innocent tamilians in those areas. The SriLankan government should understand that their war is against the LTTE and not the Tamilians.

Ravi said...

What about interfering in the Palestine cause? I think you support it, as evidenced by one of your posts. We have less in common there.
Why be a hypocrite mate?
PS: I understand if you dont post this, but i just cant bear, seeing you brew unnecessary resentment or hatred.
PPS: Yes I have seen it before too.

Bimlesh said...

What else you expect from these MPs who are on the LTTE payrolls?They keep attending the various seminars which LTTE sympathizers organizers in UK,Europe and USA.

And now that the LTTE is almost at the brink of losing their freedom war, these guys are enacting a drama just to tell the world whose side they are on.BTW did you see how cleverly the DMK MPS have sent a post dated(yes you read it right) resignation not to the Lok Sabha speaker but to their party chief. SO much for their concern about the Tamils in SL.

Its all hogwash and nothing else. I hope India doesnt do anything in SL internal matters . We have already suffered so much because of the peace keeping forces operation in 1987.Lets not do a mis adventure.BTW does it surprise that Pranab Mukherjee was the defence minster in 1987 and is the foreign minister right now?Is that just a mere coincidence?

editor said...

Don't imagine things. I have got nothing for any country. And who asks India to intervene and send military to fight Hamas? And why should it?

Of course, I support victims, whether Kashmiri Pundits, ordinary Kashmiri Muslims, those people who are bombed whether in Iraq or elsewhere.

editor said...


Mr Ravi, you don't probably know or chose to ignore it:

Muslim League that has an alliance with DMK has also favoured Indian intervention. It's Parliament Member submitted his resingation to DMK leader Karunanidhi just like other DMK MPs.

And I do oppose that alo. So don't see everything with the prism of religion and call anybody hypocrite. Just because it is an Indian Muslim's blog, it doesn't mean that I think as per your stereotype of Muslims.

where is justice? said...

This "Indian Muslim" does not know that Muslims in Sri Lanka already is being butchered in East srilanka by Sinhala military after being cleared of LTTE. Tamils today, Muslims tomorrow. wait for the butcher you fool..

where is justice? said...

Sri Lankan imbroglio
Editorial Desk
The Statesman
Publication Date: 19-10-2008
The time has come for India to stop hunting with the hound and running with the hare.
No less a person than Basil Rajapaksa, senior adviser to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, revealed in an interview to Sunday Observer that Sri Lanka was getting maximum support from India in its ongoing war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
Manmohan Singh has all along been saying that India favoured a political settlement to the ethnic crisis in Sri Lanka. Then why train, arm and equip Sri Lankan armed forces and post Indian experts in the island nation to help it crush the LTTE which took to terrorist tactics only after exhausting all avenues of negotiations by its elders, particularly the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF)?
It is unfair to compare the ethnic strife in Sri Lanka with the separatist uprising in Kashmir. What is happening in Sri Lanka today is comparable to the pre-1971 situation in what was then East Pakistan. If President Rajapaksa believes in a political solution, let him table it now. He cannot fool all the people all the time. The all-party conference he had appointed to evolve a solution is neither all-party nor a conference. The United National Party (UNP), the main opposition party, is not in it. The Janata Vimukti Perumana, third largest party in the country, refused to associate itself with it and the Tamil National Alliance has been deliberately kept out. It is only a tool in the hands of Rajapaksa to silence his critics abroad. The all-party conference has been kept in suspended animation most of the time.
New Delhi must realise the gravity of the genocidal war in Sri Lanka from the fact all the 39 Lok Sabha members from Tamil Nadu, cutting across party lines, have threatened to resign en masse on October 28 if the government fails to act. Among them are seven ministers from the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), three from the Congress, including P Chidambaram, and two from the Pattali Makkal katchi (PMK, Toilers’ Party). They are the elected representatives of 55 million Tamils in India who do not wish to remain silent spectators as their co-linguists across the Palk Bay are being driven to the wall by the regime in Colombo, aided and abetted by the United Progressive Alliance government. New Delhi’s contention that if it stopped military supplies to Sri Lanka, Pakistan and China would usurp India’s place is not borne out by ground reality. Colombo simultaneously has been shopping in China and Pakistan for military hardware. Even without any military support, Colombo extended full use of its territory and facilities to Pakistan in its war against India in 1971. Sri Lanka never supported India when it made a bid for the UN Secretary-General’s post last year. In spite of such a track record, India wants to woo Sri Lanka to the chagrin of its own 55 million Tamils. How sensible is that?

Anonymous said...


But your posts does not sound sympathy for the tamils who have really faced the srilankan wrath for so much time.

The tamils in srilanka do consider India as their country and even srilankans feel connected to India because of their past. India should mediate to help innocent tamils getting butchered.

Anser Azim said...

Please make sure that thes pictures
are too offensive. But these lives were cheap like other parts of the
world. They were muslims of Sri Lanka!!!!
anser azim Chicago

KR Chari said...

Thamils are worried about LTTE and Thamils in Sri Lanka.

By this logic any country can have license to interfere in matters of any country and even taking use of extremists in other country.

aziaf said...

Assalamu alaikum wrb, brother!
Supporting the innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka translates to supporting LTTE in Tamil Nadu. Despite knowing that it is one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world, their leader is considered a hero here. It is only the civilians-be it Tamils or Muslims (all Muslims in Sri Lanka speak Tamil, but they are identified as a separate ethnic group) or Sinhalese who are caught in between.

For the politicians in Tamil Nadu, it is just another chance to get some publicity.

Anonymous said...

I am a Tamil who does not identify himself with the Dravidian movement. I have always been of the opinion that we should leave Sri Lanka and the LTTE to themselves. After all they killed one of India's most cherished steward Rajiv.

Then i took the time to investigate what the ruckus out there was really about and i within couple of hours of reading doubts crept into my mind and i wavered. Please google for "Black July" and go through some of the hits. Pay particular attention to references on the bottom of the wikipedia page.

The condition of the Tamil were equal to that of the holocaust victims only they did not get as much publicity. India and its people should be concerned of the goings on in Sri Lanka. Forget the Tamil politicians and DMKs...